How To Make The Travis Scott Burger
Today I show you how to make McDonald's Travis Scott Burger. This is the official recipe that is used by all McDonald's stores across the globe. This recipe tastes identical to the one sold at McDonald's. Is the Travis Scott burger not available in your country? Or is it sold out at your local store? No worries! Make it for yourself at home in a couple minutes. Enjoy!
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  • Mazey Xxmazemobilezz2
    Mazey Xxmazemobilezz2

    the best way to make a hamburger is to get a cow and hamburger buns then it’s done


    howtobasic: me Travis scott burger: connorsfangirl 2:02

  • Amey Bhagat
    Amey Bhagat

    Those who are watching howtobasic's first time

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    Rosalyn Azana

    That is too much.

  • Rosalyn Azana
    Rosalyn Azana

    That is not right.

  • Rosalyn Azana
    Rosalyn Azana

    Um... What is he doing?

  • Rosalyn Azana
    Rosalyn Azana

    He goes crazy when he's mad. But don't try that at home.

  • henrique times
    henrique times

    a africa ama esses videos

  • ʀᴇᴅ ᴘᴀɴᴅᴀ ᴀʀᴇ ᴄᴏᴏʟ
    ʀᴇᴅ ᴘᴀɴᴅᴀ ᴀʀᴇ ᴄᴏᴏʟ

    Thank you, It works

  • Yosf Gamer
    Yosf Gamer

    This is no longer funny because you waste all the food.

  • moey

    2:51 it makes me sick when he puts down the bacon idk why

  • moey

    i mean you can go off the recipe just dont add the fortnite swag disk in

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya

    Oh thx I looked for this so long

  • Danjela Muca
    Danjela Muca

    This how we make that

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    sam issa


    • sam issa
      sam issa

      E E

  • gato contrário Lobinho 2
    gato contrário Lobinho 2

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  • Netic

    So this is the real reason why fortnite was dying

  • Justin Rollon
    Justin Rollon

    Uhhh you have a many many moneys to but that all😆

  • 1SillySkye xD
    1SillySkye xD

    0:00 the music is from a phillipines ad xD 3:03 now thats what i call a mastered ultra instict burger

  • obi-wan kenobi
    obi-wan kenobi

    Talk about world hunger

  • 狼忍shinobi

    Just don’t imagine the hungry African kids Oh wait u just did..............yea.


    You again

  • Edvin Pöyry
    Edvin Pöyry

    omg it's the fortnite guy :OOOO

  • Dan4ik Drugan
    Dan4ik Drugan

    After this video UZload sent me a Burger King ad😂

  • Annmarie Brown
    Annmarie Brown


  • mikhey rey
    mikhey rey

    I don't have that much ingredients to make it :( I only have chair

  • bobok gd
    bobok gd

    this challenge literally represents "yes yes yes no"

  • Fermo 17
    Fermo 17

    Thank you, now I’m hungry!

  • JJ Castro
    JJ Castro

    Wtf is wrong with you

  • That mobile Dude
    That mobile Dude

    Don’t know why I thought this was legit

  • Legend Jackson
    Legend Jackson

    Thanks but I’m 9 and I do not know how to cook.


    At First It Was Good But Half A Minute Everything Was Destroyed HOW DID YOU CLEAN YOUR HOUSE AFTER THE DIRTY YOU MADE ???

  • rex quirong
    rex quirong

    Nice Grom grom ramsay

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    Rodeline Elis

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    ben david

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  • Никифор Рогулин
    Никифор Рогулин


  • Hairi Ibrahim
    Hairi Ibrahim

    that's not a normal burger is a nasty book burger

  • Adam El-_-
    Adam El-_-


  • Nicholas Forbes
    Nicholas Forbes

    My brother knowing that fortnite was a lie this whole time XD 1:56

  • DrαgσMαgσツ

    i might try this one day without the destroying everything part

  • ``


  • A Gray Man
    A Gray Man

    1:59 me when im sick

  • DanteTheBro


  • Countryhuman _ame
    Countryhuman _ame

    plot twist: he killed travis and him into a burger

  • Maxim Hussain
    Maxim Hussain

    youtube thinks they ban this man

  • Abode ismail
    Abode ismail

    Oops really just did disc fortnite buck buck

  • Sup Gangus:]
    Sup Gangus:]


  • TA Memes
    TA Memes

    i was searching *How to make a travis scott burger* then this popped up

  • Silad 24
    Silad 24

    how haven't HowToBasic won a world record on smash the most eggs.

  • Lemon

    *oH lOoK tHiNgS fRoM fOrTnItE oMg*

  • Fox

    sick tho

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    Jason The ToyMaker


  • Usapyon Bunny
    Usapyon Bunny

    Tastes like salty 7-12 year olds

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    3:09 that's the original video :)

  • HRX y kkk
    HRX y kkk


  • BloodhoundPreston

    I thought the video was finally a good one until I saw the _Fortnite_ V-Bucks case, of course.

  • Muneeb Najam
    Muneeb Najam

    Meanwhile the poor in Africa : ...

  • Weston Evans
    Weston Evans

    10/10 would eat again

  • GlitcherzRoblox

    i literally did all the steps except the v-bucks case lol

  • Ева

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    Cecil Salopaso

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    How to Make Mrbeast Burger

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    Peachii Gacha

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    Глеб Алейников


  • po ni
    po ni

    Help me


    Remove a few steps , and you have legit mcd at home You knoe which steps

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    Joseph Stalin

    Oh my Bacon here in our country is so expensive but it really wort it watching this video😂😂

  • SOH Banana 21
    SOH Banana 21

    I feel bad for the guy who is gonna be cleaning all of that

  • Burger


  • Anca Ganciu
    Anca Ganciu

    I'm worried for this guy,I mean WHO WASTES SO MUCH FOOD?! :3 I did laugh tho so it was worth it 👌 😂

  • Anca Ganciu
    Anca Ganciu

    OMG I pranked my mom with this! (I got grounded qwq)

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    Faizan Khan

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    Артем Рошкян

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  • Zikulit 07
    Zikulit 07

    Funny thing that this burher is wayy healther then the good shit they sell at acutal macdonalds.

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    Andrew Brennan

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    Nasywa Az Zahra Putri Iqbal

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    Miguel Belchior

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    Imee Tolentino

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    Anthony Williams

    Why would u do that!!! suck a good burger waaaaaa

  • GeoYT Gaming
    GeoYT Gaming

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  • Zxnx yt
    Zxnx yt

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  • KORBA123

    Thank you, I knew how to make a sweet burger like you

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    Super Boi

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    im noob :D


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    Nipa Patwa

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    Spray Typical Gaming

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    Magnificent Mango

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    Yun’s Gaming Channel

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