How To Remove a Computer Virus
Today I show you how to remove any virus from a computer/laptop. Is your computer running slow? You might have a virus! Malware is incredibly dangerous - It may be stealing your personal information including passwords and bank details. Sometimes you won't even know you have one. This video will show you how to detect viruses and permanently remove them. This will make your computer run good as new! This works with all operating systems; Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.
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    it looks like life is sad

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    0:09 Windows is shutting down... *VIRUS DETECTED* No, i can do it! We can do this, everybody?

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    People being like:Nahhh,this would destroy my computer ;-; R.I.P Cumputer

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    Mom: WHY DID YOU BREAK MY LAPTOP Htb: Because There Was a Virus In Your Laptop So I Was Fixing- Mom: WHAT YOU MEAN YOU FIXING IT THATS IT I WILL KILL YOU *5 Hours Later For Mom Killing How To Basic*

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    Siam Gaming Zone20

    I hear the sticky keys pop up at 0:07

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    Wait The virus picture at that laptop is just fake but dont worry i Like this videos cuz How to basic like smash laptop and Throw egg

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