How To Hack a Vending Machine
Today I show you how to hack any vending machine and get whatever you want for free. This simple code can be used on ALL vending machines. Simply enter the code as instructed then select which item you want. The code overrides the system - tricking the machine into thinking it's being serviced. This results in you being able to select any item you want for free! Sometimes it can even give you money. Simply follow the step by step instructions. As of the 26th of October 2017 this method works on ALL vending machines in Japan, Australia & America. It may also work elsewhere, give it a go and let me know in the comments if it worked.
Show everyone how easy it is to obtain free items from any vending machine!
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  • HowToBasic

    Video hasn't been up long and i've already started to receive comments saying it's fake. I can assure you the code does work. Try it out for yourself and you'll see. Did it work? Consider giving the video a Share: TWEET IT► EGGBOOK IT►

    • Kai Walsh
      Kai Walsh

      I was not expecting that

    • A R
      A R

      I'll never go hungry again thanks Pedro

    • Fuck Sahra Gray
      Fuck Sahra Gray

      Fuck you HowToBasic

    • Fuck Sahra Gray
      Fuck Sahra Gray

      Fuck you HowToBasic

    • Malaysia Is Pro Channel
      Malaysia Is Pro Channel

      Yes its workp

  • Eduardo Vieira
    Eduardo Vieira

    How to play dls

  • Tyson Cheetos
    Tyson Cheetos

    Seems simple enough

  • Your Local Bin Chicken
    Your Local Bin Chicken

    Don’t vending machines cost like $10’000+

  • How to make Egg
    How to make Egg


  • How to make Egg
    How to make Egg


  • Jayden Niezgoda
    Jayden Niezgoda


  • Miłosz Kujawa
    Miłosz Kujawa

    Don't listen in headphones

  • Hydra X
    Hydra X

    I know it's illegal, . . . . . . . . . . . . but I think I'll test this out at my office building

  • Dax the ytpEr 2021 / Sam craft rocks
    Dax the ytpEr 2021 / Sam craft rocks


  • Antonija Gadža
    Antonija Gadža


  • riza basa
    riza basa

    F tou

  • Nick DelGiorno
    Nick DelGiorno

    This is the greatest life hack ever! Thank you, HowToBasic!

  • Saida Fourati
    Saida Fourati


  • arnold Tan
    arnold Tan

    I like candy bar

  • Никифор Рогулин
    Никифор Рогулин


  • Azham Ghebril
    Azham Ghebril

    Are you crazy

  • Bosco Teo
    Bosco Teo

    He did get it all by smashing it with a hammer and all liquids and snacks came of from the packings so i say its True

  • KiriakosBlackWolf

    Supernatural brought me here

  • HI-ImNoah

    0:40 This is kids when they lose a game of fortnite.

  • nixon james
    nixon james

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  • leslie Neil
    leslie Neil

    0:43 eggs and at 0:47 a shovel destroying a vending machine

  • Slender Neck
    Slender Neck

    I love you

  • Shannon X
    Shannon X

    Well, this method is certainly effective. 😂😂

  • MiniMyers11

    How To Destroy a Vending Machine =)

  • TheEpicGamer NL
    TheEpicGamer NL


  • Ryan Zou
    Ryan Zou


  • Nova&Eve Abramson
    Nova&Eve Abramson

    Omg, that was so easy!

  • Punk Monster
    Punk Monster


  • Astro First Astro Best
    Astro First Astro Best

    Egg count: 196

  • Meynard Yamson
    Meynard Yamson

    Reached the maximum attack rate

  • Anuhas Hennayake
    Anuhas Hennayake

    What the hell

  • Fat Tony
    Fat Tony

    0:40 You probably destroyed all of your snacks. 🤣

  • Rames

    Ommala deiii.

  • RandomPerson999


  • Jon Le Arizmendiarrieta Moreno
    Jon Le Arizmendiarrieta Moreno

    I will try it

  • Angela M
    Angela M

    How Russian Hackers hack a vending machine: Blyat, What is this? I only hack computers. How Dutch Hackers hack a vending machine: 0:40

  • Alana Saab
    Alana Saab

    Thanks I’ll give it a try!!! Edit: it works ❤️❤️❤️

  • God in being a giant sucker
    God in being a giant sucker

    people on highschools gonna try that code XD

  • wii hacker
    wii hacker

    0:40 when your favorite snack gets stuck and you're out of cash edit: when you also pick the wrong snack and you're out of cash yet another edit: on a vending machine that doesn't take credit cards

  • The Weed Love
    The Weed Love

    I like this tactic homie

  • Jacky Chen
    Jacky Chen

    The easiest way of hacking a vending machine is to smash the scrap out of the machine

  • promise popoola
    promise popoola

    Hack into your preferred computer 💻 with *KINBHACKS* on instagram Very legit hacker

  • promise popoola
    promise popoola

    Hack into your preferred computer 💻 with *KINBHACKS* on instagram Very legit hacker

  • Emicraft noob
    Emicraft noob

    Por que no me distes los refrescos

  • Xyren Zachary Gementiza
    Xyren Zachary Gementiza

    Hey stop buying it to try to broke it

    • Charlie.mp4

      Hey learn better grammar

  • Master Underclocker
    Master Underclocker

    i just LOOOVE going to newest first comments and seeng people say this is fake *i mean this is howtobasic so everything has eggs thrown at em*

  • Ženia Pikoṷskii̭
    Ženia Pikoṷskii̭

    это видео приведёт к терроризму.

  • Mystic Gamer
    Mystic Gamer

    Why can’t you use fake coins instead

  • Jerome Thompson
    Jerome Thompson

    Fucking lameo

  • Ariah Payton
    Ariah Payton

    Whoever dis is is stupid

  • Yang Terry
    Yang Terry

    1 3 4 6 8 Hold # Throws stuff at the window Throw eggs at the vending machine Then destroy the vending machine Push all the food with a mallet

  • arnold Tan
    arnold Tan

    I love cheetos cheese bacon balls

  • arnold Tan
    arnold Tan

    She's destroyed chips and candy bar and water bottles and soda

  • Emmanuel Smith
    Emmanuel Smith

    *BRISK_HACKER* on IG helped me out

  • Emmanuel Smith
    Emmanuel Smith

    *BRISK_HACKER* on IG helped me out

  • 【Lukizz】


  • get out
    get out

    0:16 and 0:18 Vending mashine: ha- *next part*Vending mashine: WAIT- AAAA

  • Jeromeca1

    Disgraceful T_T

  • Ember

    I mean....he did hack it INTO PEICES! I'll leave now

  • Heather Burns-DeSalvo
    Heather Burns-DeSalvo

    That was awesome! 🤣😄😭😂😂

  • Hey Ken X More
    Hey Ken X More

    How my dented vending machine?

  • translating fire
    translating fire


  • BRTÇ - Berat Çetiner
    BRTÇ - Berat Çetiner

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  • Dalton Watson
    Dalton Watson

    Anything: exist Howtobasic: *So you have chosen death*

  • Fletinder

    Lol I tried and got arrested

  • CallMeThunder

    It works😁😎

  • Moirai Eclipse
    Moirai Eclipse

    i did not expect this in the slightest

  • Rick Grimes Gaming
    Rick Grimes Gaming

    I tried this hack at work and got fired for it

  • Ebinracco

    Damn, when do we get to know how to fly a drone ?

  • Indiana Firefighter99
    Indiana Firefighter99

    How to promote black lives matter with a vending machine

  • The YouTuber Uploader
    The YouTuber Uploader

    This is me when the school vending machine doesn’t give me my shit

  • najd Alsekhan
    najd Alsekhan

    Dude to get something 4 free from te vending machine, all it takes is luck, one time, someone hacked a vending machine by accident and got everything in the vending machine, cool right?

  • Green Broccoli
    Green Broccoli

    Fbi:Am i joke to you hacker

  • Rapid Transportation Authority
    Rapid Transportation Authority

    Simple! Just break the glass open! “In case of emergency, break glass”

  • Cubeguide


  • L3M0N PL4Y
    L3M0N PL4Y

    You buy a vending machine?

  • Athena and Zeus John Garland
    Athena and Zeus John Garland


  • Frostbot 75
    Frostbot 75

    Instructions unclear, serving a year in jail for attempted stealing.

  • Sora Sosukeya
    Sora Sosukeya

    I steal snacks from the vending machine all the time because I’m poor

  • SWE_Hugo

    OMG, it worked😮

  • Won’t take You Long
    Won’t take You Long

    🙂that vending machine hack did work😍😍thanks for your help😉

  • FDID

    Technically he wasn't wrong about hacking the vending machine He just did it with an axe

  • Sushifu

    You bought... A vending machine...

  • Zinkscar


  • SolidKeas

    Boss: how do i get a snacks for free? Me: oh i know how to get a snakcs for these video. Boss:

  • AtrocityEquine

    Only HTB would buy a a vending machine just to destroy it for memes

  • Groovy 4
    Groovy 4

    He got money

  • SK3L3T0N_KING 155
    SK3L3T0N_KING 155

    I tried this it worked but I got convicted for theft and destruction of property

  • Nam Bảo
    Nam Bảo

    Ok i don hack

  • Reinhardt Wilhelm
    Reinhardt Wilhelm

    *Story Time!* I was sitting on a bench once, waiting for the bus when saw a 7-ish ft. tall man carrying his sister, who is about as tall as two feet, and told him that she wanted something from the vending machine that was standing against a wall, next to prize claw machine. He tries to guess what is it that she wanted and when he did, he took his wallet out, puts in a euro, and punched the code for the snack his sister wanted. It didn't fall, it just stayed there, on the glass. Determined to get her a snack, he puts in another euro and punches another code for another snack. It did the same thing the first one did. He puts in another euro, and another, until he spent about thirty euros on the vending machine. His sister says to him, "It's okay Bro, I can wait until we're home." But then he looks at her and shook his head slowly. There was only one snack slot that still had a chance of actually giving it to him, a small bag of Doritos. One more time, he puts in a euro, types the code in, and patiently waited for the bag to fall out. When the spring stopped coiling, it was balancing on the edge of its section. He lightly taps the glass a few times, and the Dorito bag was going to fall. But when it fell, it got stuck between the glass and the frame its placed on. He stood there silently and slowly lowered his head and let out a quiet but deep sigh. Then his hand clenched itself into a fist, he quickly raised his head, and punched the vending machine right above the keypad. The Claw of the machine and its prizes within shook violently after that seismic punch. All the snacks that were stuck on the glass fell down and he collected them all in a plastic bag he pulled out from his pocket. The Dorito bag was still stuck and it looked like he was about to lose his cool and death punch that poor vending machine again. But just as his fist was clenching, his sister hugged his shin and the anger seemed to have gone away. He then pulled out an extra large post-it! note pad, wrote an angry letter and posted it on the spot where he punched the vending machine; right above the keypad. He then gave his sister the snack she wanted, picked her up, picked up the plastic bag of snacks he bought, and went on their way. I stood up from the bench, and looked under the post it note that man had posted it on. Under the post-it! note, was a fist-shaped dent on the machine. It wasn't like a dent you see on a can in a grocery store, the dent looked like as if the vending machine was made of clay. Later, two men in a truck arrived. Both of them got out of the truck and walked up to the machine. One of them unlocked the vending machine, the other took all the money and snacks and put them all in crates with specific names of the snacks, and put the money in a small locked box that he brought with him. Then one of them went to the truck, and got one of those metal lift things, put it under the vending machine and rolled away with it into the truck. I asked them, "Why are you taking this vending machine? I mean, sure, someone punched it, but it still works." Then one of them replied, "Sir, we are recalling all the vending machines in the area because they're flawed in design and assembly. Apparently, someone thought it would be funny to build it so that the items wouldn't fall out and installed a hidden camera so they could see their reactions. I could tell by the fist mark above the keypad that someone thoroughly enjoyed whoever they pissed off. Don't worry sir, we will replace all vending machines with new ones as we are recalling them. Thank you for your continued support and patience!" Then they replaced the vending machine with a different model and brand, took the faulty one, put it into their truck, and went on their way.

  • an idiot
    an idiot

    0:40 Howtobasic: *jotaro* Vending machine : *Dio*

    • Joa Rutz
      Joa Rutz

      Nice Bro Nice Jojo reference


    What What

  • Melon

    Oh so thats how you hack it

  • Widya Siu
    Widya Siu

    After i Saw how to basic smash vending machine Me : I CALL FBI !!! Howtobasic : oh fuck i can believe you done this

  • Juff Jones
    Juff Jones

    It worked

  • Kara and Tiffany creepy games
    Kara and Tiffany creepy games


  • mako mankanshoku
    mako mankanshoku

    What's the music?.

  • TSrikeTWM

    Love how he smashes the glass and doesn't stop there

  • Kirby gamer12345
    Kirby gamer12345

    This video helped me thanks all i needed to do was use eggs I GOT DETENTION jk