How To Perform 10 Life Hacks
Today I present to you 10 life hacks that will BLOW your mind. These AMAZING life hacks are going to make your life a LOT easier. This video contains 10 of the very best life hacks I could find. Some are simple - like sealing a bag of chips properly - and some are a little more complex - like ensuring the CO2 remains in a open coke can for 10x as long. This is the #1 life hack video that is guaranteed to improve your life 10 fold.
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    This only toilet paper I found a bit bizarre kkkk

  • Elijah Owsley
    Elijah Owsley

    6:04 wow this is very funny

  • Niko Drossos
    Niko Drossos

    People that dont know who how to basic is probably though this was a legit lifehack video for the first 2 hacks

  • Niko Drossos
    Niko Drossos

    Is it sad that at first I thought this was a legit 5 minute crafts video

  • Skyblock Non
    Skyblock Non

    That casual music as his toilet overflowed

  • KrazyKitty Kat
    KrazyKitty Kat

    The dislikes are from 5-Minute Crafts fans

  • pepsis lv
    pepsis lv

    Good one

  • 쿠키캣

    What is music name?

  • Miguel Galaz
    Miguel Galaz

    sobre el papel de baño me dio asco🤮🤮

  • Ömer Efe gülünay
    Ömer Efe gülünay

    No difference with 5 minute crafts

  • Emirkaan Yıldızhan
    Emirkaan Yıldızhan


  • Engineer Gaming
    Engineer Gaming


  • Venus 2-3
    Venus 2-3

  • Floofy Chicken
    Floofy Chicken

    I like how you can see his mental state slowly deteriorate as the video progresses

  • Robby Thomas
    Robby Thomas

    I like to see when HowToBasic angry

  • Juan Manuel Martínez Valencia
    Juan Manuel Martínez Valencia

    How to perform ,or ,how to have fun and do a real mess life hacks


    Pls stop being mad this will cause irritation for some viewers

  • Dao Duy Hoang
    Dao Duy Hoang

  • Oltzu Gamer
    Oltzu Gamer

    7:38 i laughed so much

  • 狼忍shinobi

    Ok I can confirm that he’s Australian because of the deli chips

  • K-JAM

    untill 8:16 I thougt how strange it is that he didn't use a single egg

  • K-JAM

    how to basic isn't as useful as this

  • Magdalena Gruber
    Magdalena Gruber

    A umiesz polski??

  • Kenjay Senining
    Kenjay Senining


  • Ahmed Belal
    Ahmed Belal

    Is nobody gonna talk about how he slammed that jar really hard

  • Wendy Salas Reynoso
    Wendy Salas Reynoso

    Did you clean up

  • Hallo 1337
    Hallo 1337

    How to basic: exist Anything: *MY TIME HAS COME*

  • Mizu Shiwazaki
    Mizu Shiwazaki

    why does it seem like coles is a sponsor for this one-

  • Phoenix Ledger
    Phoenix Ledger

    4:47 🤢🤮

  • ミャーミャーmeow meow
    ミャーミャーmeow meow

    WOW it WORKED 😁😀🤯

  • Nicksm

    The horribly slow jar opening with the extremely inneficient tool 3:42

  • Fortnite hello
    Fortnite hello


  • Ayanbadin

    hEy!1!1 yOU sToLe ThE 5 MiNUteS cRAftS thUMBnaiL!1! iM gONna sUE yoU!11!

  • SweetBubble ¡!
    SweetBubble ¡!


  • William Crowley
    William Crowley

    I tried all of these at home and they work exactly like shown in video!!!!

  • anonymous

    Imagine... If 5 minutes craft sees that !

  • TheHuntingOne

    This last one works!!! Try it xD

  • ED BOB
    ED BOB

    0:50 that’s, actully a useful life hack ngl

  • Zeyeng01


  • Darren Hammond
    Darren Hammond

    7:41 XD

  • Yeah I’m bored
    Yeah I’m bored

    like the first 2 are good then i just gets better

  • Gemmy

    Kids dont watch how to basic while you have an asthma attack

  • Ljubica Štambuk
    Ljubica Štambuk

    Best life hacks ever i tested them and they worked 👍

  • Marco Antonio Gonzalez
    Marco Antonio Gonzalez

    I came looking for stupid shit. Im disappointed because some of the tricks are actually useful

  • pig with hat
    pig with hat

    Eggs go beer

  • pig with hat
    pig with hat


  • minetruly

    I think Life Hacks could be your new jam.

  • doritos man
    doritos man

    no i dont want cosaurimisla

  • Shubhabrata Jana
    Shubhabrata Jana

    Well these are actually useful

  • ThatOneDudeAlwaysSayingBruh

    2:03 oh so you also do that?

  • Thái Minh Nhật Ngô
    Thái Minh Nhật Ngô

    Those tips are so helpful THOSE TIPS ARE TOO HELPFUL

  • games top BR
    games top BR

    Mano vc é problemático no brasil temos ótimos auspícios

  • JulianTrainKid 2021 Productions
    JulianTrainKid 2021 Productions

    6:05 My god it sounded like he hadn’t eaten in weeks

  • Matt Rero
    Matt Rero

    Only some of them work some are bad

  • Dalvi Mamani
    Dalvi Mamani

    Al fin haces algo bien

  • Hubert Kęska
    Hubert Kęska

    I love how it starts up normally, with a lifehack that could actually work, but it becomes messed up slowly.

  • Yazid Ahsanunnafi'
    Yazid Ahsanunnafi'

    Is this the lyf hax v2.0?

  • Nicholas Cruz
    Nicholas Cruz

    The new 5 Minute Crafts (more like the better version lol)

  • Ran Dom
    Ran Dom

    6 year old me when dad is in shop:

  • Sirnica Style
    Sirnica Style

    This is 5 minut crafts in a nutshell

  • Jorge Andre
    Jorge Andre

    6:25 minecraft eating sounds be like .

  • Butter Doug
    Butter Doug

    Ok, all I need is egg, and

    • Butter Doug
      Butter Doug

      @Hubert Kęska ;)

    • Hubert Kęska
      Hubert Kęska


  • Febszor

    just saw that the meat he prepared in the second life hack was out of date. very bad life hack

  • Kevin Rodney Entertainment AUTTP ATHDTC
    Kevin Rodney Entertainment AUTTP ATHDTC

    I stole Howtobasic{s video


    Lets do life hacks 5 min craft :- grab your glue gun How to basic :- where is my chicken 😂

  • ZoD M.V
    ZoD M.V


  • David Hodak
    David Hodak

    Me in the biginning wow an normal Video At the end sorry wtf

  • KaktusORG

    Life hacks but with every next life Huck this become more tO bAsIk

  • Ali AlBaqshi
    Ali AlBaqshi

    The more you watch the more it gets weirder

  • Colored Rain
    Colored Rain

    I can HEAR why he didn't show his face. He has thirteen jaws!

  • Sweetyz Trash
    Sweetyz Trash

    I learn more stuff from HowToBasic more than 5 minute crafts.

  • Ketchup

    7:35 genius

  • Erpan1140

    3:45 Wow

  • Bekowe Ciacho
    Bekowe Ciacho

    2:33 is that a human's blood?

  • Clash with DX
    Clash with DX

    LEGENDS watch this in 2021

  • Innovative Seven
    Innovative Seven

    Do you play runescape

  • Jordan Webber
    Jordan Webber

    couldnt stop laughing how be broke that mexican style salsa

  • OP Alex
    OP Alex

    You might be wondering. How many Turkey does he have?

  • H4CK3R M4N
    H4CK3R M4N

    Thank you for the useful life hacks

  • Mateusz

    Is this some kind of asmr?

  • Mr Fluffers
    Mr Fluffers

    #relatable I do these daily

  • just_twistah

    RIP to those who didn't get the joke

  • Mr McCool
    Mr McCool

    mm yummy

  • Elikim009

    When I use the bathroom Me: 7:42

  • Elikim009

    when I go into the bathroom and I flush the toilet Me: 2:27

  • dark puto
    dark puto

    What ia that lasagna brand, I wanna try it

  • Gunner Davidson
    Gunner Davidson

    I thought he was joking with the thumbnail and all. But no he ain't.

  • Mr Moth
    Mr Moth

    The first two actually made sense.

  • nino doesn't care
    nino doesn't care

    Holy Jesus Christ bro HowToBasic made a bomb 7:39

  • 0527 anims
    0527 anims

    I thought that he litteraly does not mess this video up but I got afraid when I saw the toilet paper backup life hack.

  • Приьет Red army
    Приьет Red army

    3:45 This is not how to basic 3:47 This is real how to basic

  • The Emerald Gamer 7
    The Emerald Gamer 7

    The first 2 atleast created sense

  • The Lost
    The Lost

    русские здесь

    • сиамский кот866
      сиамский кот866


  • Christopher Nuesi
    Christopher Nuesi

    I saw the first hack and I’m thinking too myself, “this isn’t normal, it’s too normal”

  • Bank Chutviriyacharoen
    Bank Chutviriyacharoen

    Wow that can blow up and I can’t see

  • davide frisco
    davide frisco

    3:42 im crying hahahahahah!!!!!!!

  • Jameson and Dad 453
    Jameson and Dad 453

    Me: howtobasic why do u like eggs so much? Howtobasic: *professionals have standards*

  • Abdul Hannan Khan
    Abdul Hannan Khan

    For some reason some of this actually made sense

  • Everything Flashy
    Everything Flashy


  • Error Hacker
    Error Hacker

    7:42 me when I eat taco bell

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