How To Make Tandoori Chicken
Today I show you how to make authentic Tandoori Chicken at home. This tandoori chicken ( तंदूरी चिकन ) recipe has been in my family for generations. It is by far the BEST tandoori chicken chicken recipe! Incredibly delicious, and very very easy to make. Enjoy!
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  • MAX RAMBO 007
    MAX RAMBO 007

    Don't waste food😥😥😥

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    Hadi YasineR

    If you ever feel hungry please don’t watch HowToBasic

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    Nameless Shadow

    Africans seeing this recipe:😋😋

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    Krishna Gadhe

    I hate u

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    Fart Fart Fart Shart

  • ꧁ Jupiter AUTTP ツ ꧂
    ꧁ Jupiter AUTTP ツ ꧂

    Person: Making tandoori chicken and watching the steps. HowToBasic: *Smashes oven and goes crazy* Person: Wait! This was the wrong video I was watching! Oh no what have I done? 😱 😨 😥 😭

  • Pi Pi Gamingstudios
    Pi Pi Gamingstudios

    He is a wasting-food destroyer

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  • Bosree Dolon
    Bosree Dolon


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    Appu Appus

    Woow amazing 😠😠😠😠

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    Oh nvm

  • not nobody
    not nobody

    why is it red ?????

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  • SARAAH SA307
    SARAAH SA307

    Why all this waste of food ???? I hope you will never find food to eat again f** you

  • Friccle__

    Has anyone tried doing one of these recipes before he HowToBasics it, to see if they actually work

  • sus

    He is GORDOM RAmsey of course

  • KevinCaprix

    It’s so funny to see new viewers faces to think that it’s a normal tutorial not knowing at one point of the video this guy looses his sanity

  • ابو داحم _ Abu Dahm
    ابو داحم _ Abu Dahm

    صمله ☎️مافي 🧨 هروب 🧯صمله ☎️مافي 🧨 هروب 🧯صمله ☎️مافي 🧨 هروب 🧯صمله ☎️مافي 🧨 هروب 🧯صمله ☎️مافي 🧨 هروب 🧯صمله ☎️مافي 🧨 هروب 🧯صمله ☎️مافي صمله ☎️مافي 🧨 هروب 🧯صمله ☎️مافي 🧨 هروب 🧯صمله ☎️مافي 🧨 هروب 🧯صمله ☎️مافي 🧨 هروب 🧯صمله ☎️مافي 🧨 هروب 🧯صمله ☎️مافي 🧨 هروب 🧯صمله ☎️مافي صمله ☎️مافي 🧨 هروب 🧯صمله ☎️مافي 🧨 هروب 🧯صمله ☎️مافي 🧨 هروب 🧯صمله ☎️مافي 🧨 هروب 🧯صمله ☎️مافي 🧨 هروب 🧯صمله ☎️مافي 🧨 هروب 🧯صمله ☎️مافي

  • klvin loknauth
    klvin loknauth

    I undertsnad why his videos take like a month to upload cuz he has to deal with all this shit off camera😂

  • Priyotosh Das
    Priyotosh Das

    This is how my mother cooks food . *In frustration*

  • Bash TV
    Bash TV

    Haha 😂

  • Paul Aldrich crisostomo
    Paul Aldrich crisostomo

    I feel bad for those people that dont know who how to basic is really and then they try to do his instruction and suddenly "BOOM"

  • DauDau The Shiba
    DauDau The Shiba

    That's a waste of eggs

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    Gamer Boi

    Waste of life


    love you

  • Spooked

    200 star review restaurant

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    lbeaurain 02 01 07

    Espèce de con il y a des personnes qui meurent de faim

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    D Moll

    Someone please tell me the name of the background music.

    • Ajith Appukuttan
      Ajith Appukuttan

      found it!

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  • Here_you’ll_find _Fortnite
    Here_you’ll_find _Fortnite

    People who came here because they thought it was an actual video then realising it was not: 🤬

  • wasi tahmid hossain wasi
    wasi tahmid hossain wasi

    never trust him.....

  • Crappy Memory
    Crappy Memory

    He's the best person ive ever met even tho he could break my neck with eggs he's cool as hell

  • Freedom Warrior
    Freedom Warrior

    2:10 kids food is ready!!!

  • mattlucci

    What is the song ?

  • nino doesn't care
    nino doesn't care

    Just imagine if the vegan teacher saw this

  • Shubham Chand
    Shubham Chand

    U remind me my Nabours food stall .

  • Sebastian Day
    Sebastian Day

    how to basic: time to do this cooking video right how to basics inner demons: OH HELL NO

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    info memes

    R u indian

  • SUPER MOVIE hours hd
    SUPER MOVIE hours hd

    Don't waste food!!😔😔

  • TheBlueNinja

    This Is Stupid! Get Out Of Here! This Is Not How You Make Tandoori Chicken!

  • LAMA MAR 5
    LAMA MAR 5

    1:24 OMG 😱😱😨

  • No Name
    No Name

    Are you have a cooking channel?

  • Ganja

    Desi people like us can conform that chicken tandoori is made like this

  • Poke The Potato
    Poke The Potato

    I'm not indian I'm bengali but I have tried tandoori chicken

  • Los Matadores
    Los Matadores

    rule : use the tuitorials until music stops

  • The JukeBox
    The JukeBox

    Don't waste... Give tht food to someone who needs

  • Rick Kerkhof
    Rick Kerkhof

    the video is great, but al the wasted food man.

  • manish gamer
    manish gamer

    He is wasting so much food tho...

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    Jaisal Lakum

    I am actually indian

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    Rose lover

    Wow u got crazy O-O

  • Hurricane Katrina
    Hurricane Katrina

    1:48 I died again at this part Lmao

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    Sid the Maverick

    Help me from laughing

  • Your Rage
    Your Rage

    I'm still wondering, if someone does HTB's tutorial without the what the fuck part, does it work ?

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  • XxdeadshotXx

    At starting everything fine but at the end the hunger begins



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    bloomingbeauty by puja


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    Creeper Snowguy

    Goku: YES! I DEFEATED ULTIMATE SHAGGY! SURELY THERE IS NOTHING THAT CAN BE WORSE! Me: Oh trust me, ya hadn’t seen nothing til’ you”ve seen HowToBasic use 1% of his power.

  • Alxjandra

    The beginning does look very good

  • Chris MonstaDash
    Chris MonstaDash

    The laughing baby sound was the r/arabfunny one, two requests: 1) Source of the laughing baby sound and 2) Video on hot to make an r/arabfunny vid

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    The Dislikes Are The Mom's who thought they could make tandoori chicken 🤣🤣😂😂

  • Rodrigo Morais
    Rodrigo Morais

    Fun Fact: Do You See, How To Basic Never Do The Things Right Evertime He Destroy Everthing!

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    Sheli Begum

    Classic old howtobasic



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    Samvid Sahoo

    1:23 if you want to skip the boring part lol

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    Ramoy Games sp

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    Кирило Мудроха

    Take the oven to the hospital.

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    Shy Shy

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    announcer bfdi

    same slop that my school serves

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    Indrasena Reddy Gangasani

    Chicken leg bis

  • Finley Haigh
    Finley Haigh

    I love the twist

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    ayyan ali

    september 8 is my bday

  • Lakzury

    Why are you wasting food i admit i felt entertained after watching this but please don't waste food 🥺🥺 ok i saw in comments that u use spoiled food if that's true then I am sorry bro i didn't knew anyways to compensate for false blaming h i will watch a few more videos on this channel

  • Diven Romeo
    Diven Romeo

    1:52 why i also laugh haha

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    Ᏼo͢Ꭲ TuBE

    Pls don't waste food😔

  • Mr Man
    Mr Man

    Yeah this is my favorite way to cook it, the shards glass, oven pieces, and a chair really add the CRUNCH

  • Thesmile Guy
    Thesmile Guy

    In a Alantutorials

  • Thesmile Guy
    Thesmile Guy

    The room is now trashed and in one of the videos he got the cealing off and it was all messy

  • FunkyTown

    I tried it but the chicken was a little over cooked, did I add too many eggs?

  • Your Therapist
    Your Therapist

    Food: 2 degrees below the correct temperature Gordon Ramsay: 1:23

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    Bazdar Gaming

    that looks delicious!

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  • Tᴉᖘꌚᗴꌩ

    I like to think that he was in need of a new oven and didn't know what to do with the old one. :)

  • Mr Conquerer Op
    Mr Conquerer Op

    India would be proud.

  • Kay Bueno
    Kay Bueno

    He does it correctly at first then destroys it

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    Aditi Srivastava

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    Anima Mishra

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      Anima Mishra

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      A Long Yellow Thing

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  • Jivesh Makhija
    Jivesh Makhija

    I am an Indian and tandoori chicken is my favourite

  • Lucia Kummerer
    Lucia Kummerer

    How much money does he spend rebuying all his possessions after he destroys them?

    • -_Tails é Zé_- meia meia meia Scary
      -_Tails é Zé_- meia meia meia Scary

      Like 1 T but that's ok

  • Maximus2004 Rkwow
    Maximus2004 Rkwow

    This guy is a great cook while smashing shit I’m sure he makes extras just in case he wants to eat some

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