How To Make a Curried Egg Sandwich
Today I show you how to make a curried egg sandwich. Curried egg sandwiches are my favourite snack. They are easy to make and incredibly tasty. Unfortunately not many people know how to make one correctly - That changes today. Enjoy!
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  • •L*_*OO*_*RD• RACHID
    •L*_*OO*_*RD• RACHID

    WTF what is this

  • Pantera Rosa
    Pantera Rosa

    Como coño puede tener 3 millones de visitas este video xd

  • Max

    Yummy 😋😋😋😋😋😋

  • Breya Burgess
    Breya Burgess

    Frick I wasn’t expecting an alarm, that triggers my ptsd and anxiety

  • Robby Thomas
    Robby Thomas

    Me: I wish I could buy some eggs for HowToBasic HowToBasic: Kid you no need to worry about that I have plenty of eggs

  • RockyTVShow

    I mean he did make it the second time, just a bit more _aggresively_

  • Trần Thị Kim Chăm
    Trần Thị Kim Chăm

    I love this video. 😍😍😍

  • LoLItzJustGhostyKillerzLoL


  • Richard the Creeper
    Richard the Creeper

    The sandwich looks good

  • Ethan Renckly
    Ethan Renckly

    At least he knows how to make good food.

  • KreeperKing 484
    KreeperKing 484

    The kids in Africa are crying while watching this

  • M

    You fucked up the lens for the ending ahahah

  • chipy games2
    chipy games2

    4:51minutes and nothing weird happened.

  • Marjade Mercado
    Marjade Mercado

    Looks tasty ngl

  • Benjie Pasoquin
    Benjie Pasoquin

    Naging mabait

  • Jessica Lie
    Jessica Lie

    sangat berkhasiat 😃

  • Kawai Desu
    Kawai Desu

    Never gonna give you up, never gonna make it right.

  • Fayez Elzait
    Fayez Elzait

    What going on 😍😍

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    sweet gacha 1

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    sweet gacha 1

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    sweet gacha 1

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  • AmaanDepty BG
    AmaanDepty BG

    HowToBasic Cook Egg But is Crazy

  • Olu Style
    Olu Style

    I thought this was legit..... for once.

  • Olu Style
    Olu Style

    Me waiting for the moment of destruction......

  • noobyboi that has no robux
    noobyboi that has no robux

    Hmmmm....(that? Hard-boiled eggs look yummy)

  • sweet gacha 1
    sweet gacha 1


  • sweet gacha 1
    sweet gacha 1


  • ok Chestnut
    ok Chestnut

    7:44 SO BAD Screen

  • LikeADuckyDucky QuackQuack
    LikeADuckyDucky QuackQuack

    It’s the dream

  • Gema

    It was being too serious to be true, especially when you see thee video is 8 minutes long and it's been just 4 minutes

  • Tasteful Asthma
    Tasteful Asthma

    i love how he can create fire hazards by chopping the crust off of bread

  • Maverick Argueta
    Maverick Argueta

    Just ignore the 3 minutes of the video then he will be a good cooker

  • evieisleavie

    Also when you try to follow the recipe...

  • evieisleavie

    When you wake up from a bad dream but you realize the real bad dream was your life

  • Rameez Malik
    Rameez Malik


  • Brygu

    And don't forget to remove the crusts !

  • Daniel T
    Daniel T

    7:38 Watching this with my 4 year old son who asks me "Daddy, is that poopy?" LOL I died laughing

  • tWt CriToblox
    tWt CriToblox

    imagine HTB servicing this to Gordon Ramsay

  • Tasfia Tahsin
    Tasfia Tahsin



    This video shows expectation vs reality

  • No name
    No name

    it look like poop 07:28

  • Flutterguy 225
    Flutterguy 225

    no chaos for 5 minutes me: something's wrong

  • Kreki Wreki
    Kreki Wreki

    Its guy in film split

  • athacliath77

    You are like the eggs

  • AlberTesla

    Imagine about those people who don't watch these tutorials completely before applying it and they just follow step by step till the end of the video.

  • mint

    I mean why do you remove the crust? It's the best part.

    • mint

      @Ali AlBaqshi you don't like bread.

    • Ali AlBaqshi
      Ali AlBaqshi

      Im a crust hater

  • ADplayz I
    ADplayz I

    This is literally the best

  • Cj Valdemor
    Cj Valdemor

    me seeing him destroy food just gave me anxiety and mental cancer

  • ꧁༒•Pand Uwu•༒꧂
    ꧁༒•Pand Uwu•༒꧂

    Tengo hambre :c


    Im gonna make this thing

  • ImAyala

    did i.... did i just... learn... something? from fucking howtobasic? god i need to look at where my life is rn, this shits insane

  • J. Santander
    J. Santander

    Dude gross 🤮

  • Adarsh Kumar
    Adarsh Kumar

    Best cook ever seen 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Joshua Jager
    Joshua Jager

    At least he showed us how to do it

  • Denis Omelcenco
    Denis Omelcenco

    with shrooms (or other), this video is a whole different story more intense

  • Melien

    0:00 - 4:50 *creepy*

  • Wildan Purba
    Wildan Purba

    In-law be like

  • Ninad Dongre
    Ninad Dongre

    Guys its very tasty

  • Ninad Dongre
    Ninad Dongre

    I actually made this dash

  • FrankDaTank 0621
    FrankDaTank 0621

    I can’t believe I actually tried to copy the first half of this vid 😭

  • ImJustTemmie

    How much time he need to clean all ._.


    im thinking how often do you need to exchange stove

  • Дмитрий Лысков
    Дмитрий Лысков

    Начало:эт его канал? Конец:🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • Nathan Lin
    Nathan Lin

    he actually made a whole full blown tutorial before going crazy

  • selmir alija
    selmir alija

    Me: wating somthing us going to go wrong

  • Evan Saputrariadi
    Evan Saputrariadi

    Nice clickbait

  • victor gaimer7788
    victor gaimer7788


  • Mary Torosyan
    Mary Torosyan

    How to basics's first usefully video i saw (I mean that you can use to cook)

  • Game boy 130
    Game boy 130

    Lol , Gunn but waste of eggs and bread

  • life as mimi
    life as mimi

    Why are you wasting food people don't even have food and you wasting al that food

    • Krazy

      he donates it to food banks

  • KirixMirix

    I feel like he is a a really good chef but he just makes these videos.. 😂

  • Joshua Dorrington
    Joshua Dorrington

    Well at least he lost his sanity at 5:25

  • AzoidwolfPRO

    I wonder how many moms got tricked into making it

  • Viper 57
    Viper 57

    4:54 tigered (he is mad for doing a good sandwich and eat) 5:45 thats what i love

  • Миланолツ

    Nice cooking!

  • Лейсян Доминова
    Лейсян Доминова


  • DarK DraKarys
    DarK DraKarys

    The best thing in his this type of videos is that he also teaches us a recipe and also entertains us by destroying it too 🙂

  • Josh Herbert
    Josh Herbert

    wow this was actually a whole legit sandwich tutorial

  • TGG 103
    TGG 103

    Everyone talking about how it's normal at the start and I'm freaking out about the 6 egg carton

  • Un piccione amichevole
    Un piccione amichevole

    7:44 1 like (to the video) for the piece of... LEAH on the camera :)

  • Adam Reuben
    Adam Reuben

    face reavel pls

  • mrpiggybaby Inc
    mrpiggybaby Inc

    My man doesnt like the crust

  • TrueDragonzzz Gaming
    TrueDragonzzz Gaming

    thank god he throws eggs n stuff at the end of the recipes because these are good

  • Angelo Laurente
    Angelo Laurente

    the end result looks like a Soft poo xD

  • Vlad Umnik
    Vlad Umnik

    5:32 he ruins everything (and sandwich disappeared)

  • Xichen Li
    Xichen Li

    Is the dream, like if u forgot about the lettuce

  • Vidal Buh
    Vidal Buh

    The Food Is Really Good My Mom Likes It Too Thanks My Mom Said “Make Me Another One” And I Did By Doing All Of These Steps Thanks For The Recipe!

  • 16 Hour FN
    16 Hour FN

    Hmm how I can get curry poser is it good without

  • Jose Robles
    Jose Robles

    I thought it was going to be a normal cooking video

  • Julian Lopez pina
    Julian Lopez pina

    You forgot how to tell us to vanquish the white egg demon after cooking the eggs

  • Jeremy McNees
    Jeremy McNees

    He.did good in his dream but when he was awok by his alarm he just went mad

  • squidboii Octo
    squidboii Octo

    I thought it was gonna be a normal video till the music started evaporating

  • selçuk işleyen
    selçuk işleyen

    Oh poor eggs

  • Hello !
    Hello !

    5:11 To explain what happened is that for most of this video he did everything right which was a nightmare for egg man. So he wakes up from his nightmare and noticed he was just dreaming the end

  • Türkan Tamer Tanrıverdi
    Türkan Tamer Tanrıverdi

    wait its taste good?


    Finally, something that I can copy off of

  • Hemalatha P
    Hemalatha P

    you must be the egg man,how silly

  • Jaydenthederpy_

    The dream cook is actually real

  • JenJenPlayz

    When he was nearly coneplete I was liekZ omg is he gonna actually finish the thing without doing crazy stuff ? Also all the mistakes in tho s connevf is because I don’t feel like using the backspace which I do frequently or well.. I don’t know how to say but yeah

  • Pike fishing in the Uk
    Pike fishing in the Uk

    Images the food this guy wasting 😂

He Moved Out.
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He Moved Out.
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