How To Make McDonald's Chicken McNuggets
Today I show you how to make McDonald's Chicken Nuggets at home. The top secret McNugget recipe has recently been leaked online. They are incredibly easy to make! They taste and look identical to the ones you can purchase at McDonald's. Simply follow the step by step instructions! Enjoy!
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  • Unytz

    Imagine all the people actually searching for this and finding out what it actually is...

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    David Enmanuel Murillo cordonero

    No manches viejo

  • 王学一lucas

    3:08 yummy!

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    Master PlayZz

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    Kaerina Mazz

    This will my last time watching this channel...



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    John Tran

    Hahaha LMAO! What a disturbing video, funny tho haha

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    xXx_Lost Flower_xXx

    How many chicken nuggets u used?

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    tasty Chanel in a parallele dimension

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    Ari Simanjuntak

    Ronald McDonald #RonaldMcDonald

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    Izzatul H

    Why are you doing this 😭😭😭😭

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    Perfect 👌🏻😮 NUGGETS 😋

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    marek scibior

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    Xin Tiao

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    Xin Tiao

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    Super Boi

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    That person watching 10 animes

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    haider alassam

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    Joanne Hazel

    wow this recipe really works highly reccomend

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    Zoemountaingirl owo

    The thing is, everyone is fooled until the chicken goes for a run

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    Anindya Mukherjee


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    Boitsoko Molefe

    Really I thought it real

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    M Blount

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    Tafara Muravu

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    Šišiak Blabla

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    A J

    What the shit.

  • Sangeetha Sangeetha
    Sangeetha Sangeetha

    Me when I saw the thumbnail: wow I really want to try this Me seeing the raw chicken breast on the toilet: That’s gross Me seeing the last part:

  • aniyla

    I just wanted to make some dang chicken nuggets 😐

  • Sherifat Folaranmi
    Sherifat Folaranmi

    Is nobody talking about that blood on the carpet like where is it from

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    Creepy cheesecake

    Iwant to cook.for my kid then all of a sudden i laugh so hard !!! Yuck!!

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    Ferdinand Abaya

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    Wow they actually look like McDonald's chicken nuggets

  • Seeme

    i actually thought it was a recipe though ;-;

  • Fam3 Grove Street Families
    Fam3 Grove Street Families

    Next step blend them and cook for the nuggets morph

  • Hex-Unbreakable

    I feel like if the eggshells weren't in there then that mixture cooked might actually taste ok because its just a bunch of chicken nuggets mixed with water (and a little egg)

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    Its Young


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    Onur Gençler

    what the hell are u doing stupid

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    Train_mole_rat 8098

    WAIT I got a quicker way... go to McDonald’s and order them 😀👍

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    Samsuzana Samsudin

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    Joss Rock

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    pablo gaming yt

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    Noob Man

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    Tractarock Казачок

    The funny thing is sometimes the first part of the video is acctualy a tutorial

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    Anmol Sarwar

    he is just wasting food

    • Leikrr

      and gaining a lot of money

  • MetaDust Sans
    MetaDust Sans

    Instructions unclear, made pink slime

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  • - Bread Slice -
    - Bread Slice -

    Imagine someone who's new on channel and think he make real tutorials

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    SNOWBOIL Toast

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    Li'l GAMER ¡

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    Charlotte Calvin

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    klapusz kopniak

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