How To Make a Vegan Lasagna
Today I show you how to make a delicious vegan lasagna. This lasagna is 100% vegan. There are no traces of any animal products in this recipe. Think vegan food isn't tasty? Think again. You won't believe it's vegan! It tastes and looks identical to a normal lasagna. This is by far the best vegan lasagna you will ever taste. Enjoy!
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    • Adrian Acoff
      Adrian Acoff

      I discovered this today and I love it

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      Its vegan meat, vegan meats are avaible for vegans

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      super fire jcap the hedgehog 2 EXE

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    Raf Info

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    Kitty K

    what a waste of food

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  • Nadeen Alkhoja
    Nadeen Alkhoja

    vegan water ahahah

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    I’m a person

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  • bladee2001

    This one killed me hahahahah


    1:03 music?

  • Skydwad TennisBalls
    Skydwad TennisBalls

    Attention everyone be on the lookout for a moving Vegan Chicken Breast 1:00

  • Pan drewniak
    Pan drewniak

    No vegan 😢

  • SuperCoolMatthew

    I expected eggs not runaway chicken Also this doesn’t serve 8 people it serves 69420 people

  • Penguin 27
    Penguin 27

    I didn’t know food could get this vegan!

  • Oldarch Mage
    Oldarch Mage

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  • kidney cheese
    kidney cheese

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  • Warlock and the Pierre
    Warlock and the Pierre

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  • wafflewithpancakes

    as long as it says vegan its ok to eat it

  • Kyan Vijlbrief
    Kyan Vijlbrief

    thanks for letting me know! i was struggling how i should make a vegan lasagna for my birthday! your tips are always usefull

  • Gabriel Vargas
    Gabriel Vargas

    Thanks! For the R E A L vegan lasagna i gonna make this for my family

  • Devashree Deshmukh
    Devashree Deshmukh

    Idk why u waste so much food But tbh i love ur vids

  • ArLoS

    The 1000$ lasagna vegan 😎👊

  • shockisFFS

    That vegan teacher is gonna kill you🤣

  • Eoin Osullivan
    Eoin Osullivan

    thanks for the video the recipe is delicious the kids loved it

  • pakko ff
    pakko ff

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    You're a jerk you don't understand anything. I am an Italian this is an insult to all Italians.

  • _P Y R O𓆪_
    _P Y R O𓆪_

    W A I T...

  • Leeroy Daniel
    Leeroy Daniel

    i like it

  • Officer Techno
    Officer Techno

    any techno fans here??

  • jolanta mackoniene
    jolanta mackoniene

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  • jolanta mackoniene
    jolanta mackoniene

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  • Gabriel Antonio
    Gabriel Antonio

    That's family dinner sorted now for the car

  • tWt CriToblox
    tWt CriToblox

    hey you if you wanted to make this delicious vegan lasagna but couldn’t read the recipe cause it was too fast this is for you add tomato paste add lasagna sheet add tomato paste add spinach add onions add garlic add tomato paste add lasagna sheets add tomato paste add eggplant add spinach add vegan cheese add vegan mince add lasagna sheets add tomato paste add vegan prawns add vegan bacon add vegan beef add vegan pork add vegan beef bones add vegan cheese add lasagna sheets add tomato paste add spinach add vegan chicken wings add vegan steak add vegan mince add vegan sausage add vegan chicken drumsticks add lasagna sheets add tomato paste add vegan chicken breasts add vegan beef patties add vegan whole chicken add lasagna sheets add tomato paste add vegan silverside beef add vegan meatlovers pizza add vegan ham add vegan beef lasagna add vegan chicken tenders add lasagna sheet add tomato paste add vegan cheese add spinach add lasagna sheets add vegan beef pies add vegan chicken tenders add lasagna sheets add vegan sirloin steak add vegan chicken wings add vegan beef sausages add vegan chicken drumsticks add beef petites add vegan lamb bones add vegan chicken drumsticks add beef lasagna box add vegan beef lasagna add vegan lasagna sheets add tomato sauce place down a towel push vegan lasagna into the towel add vegan milk add vegan eggs cover vegan lasagna with towel add vegan water freeze overnight saw in half add sparkles cook on medium heat for 30 min service and enjoy 😉

    • tWt CriToblox
      tWt CriToblox

      @Bomb my pleasure 😀

    • Bomb

      Thank you!

  • Brandon Sanchez
    Brandon Sanchez

    He's just saying fuck being vegan

  • Asiaball Animation
    Asiaball Animation

    Hey, lets make vegan lasagna! Vegan : 0.01% Meat : 99.9%

  • Leeroy Daniel
    Leeroy Daniel

    2:18 food on a towel 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Nejc M.
    Nejc M.

    vegan meat does accualy exsisit (its made out of beans)

  • Francesco Gioia
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  • Lucky Loni
    Lucky Loni

    The real legends are those who came here to make a vegan lasagna

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    Michael Chalkitis

    I feel bad for those who clicked it thinking it's legit...

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    Truongthe Trung

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    DOST Calabarzon nsgiron

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    SuperMarioPlayz 101

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  • MADARA ntj
    MADARA ntj

    you know there are people who are hungry right?

  • Andrew Longo
    Andrew Longo

    Fun fact: if you put the word "vegan" infront of the name of the meat you're putting on lasagna doesn't make it vegan

  • Titan the Titan
    Titan the Titan

    I agree i always eat Vegan Steak, Vegan meat and Vegan egg

  • Butter Doug
    Butter Doug

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  • MUHAMMAD Ali Hur
    MUHAMMAD Ali Hur

    What do you mean it serves 8 peole. Only more like 8 people's lifetime vegan meat

  • Naweed 123
    Naweed 123

    They got us in the first half nkt gonna lie

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    Kani gaming

    IT is very vegan

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    Manish Chepuri

    Umm... what happened to the eggs

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    That Vegan Teacher feastin tonight bois!

  • Nkosi Mnisi
    Nkosi Mnisi

    fuck u

  • Sarah

    Um this is kind a rude and the way that you’re wasting all of that food is very wrong and I think you should actually teach how to make recipes that are vegan or whatever you want because this just doesn’t make any sense it’s kind of rude and it’s the way that people want to eat and don’t judge people and don’t make fun of it like this just don’t do it if you don’t have or know how to even be vegan

    • Nudzioreq

      @Bomb Well u are right, he buy it so he can do what we want.

    • Bomb

      He bought that food, so he can do whatever with that food

    • Titan the Titan
      Titan the Titan

      Yeah but i agree with the waste food, a family literally can eat for 2 weeks with all of those

    • Titan the Titan
      Titan the Titan

      he dont care about society so shut up

    • Nudzioreq

      I want to let u know It's not for real and he is making this to make his fans have fun

  • homero zaffiro
    homero zaffiro


  • Angela Iglesias
    Angela Iglesias

    that's a waste of food :( a whole family can eat from that.

  • Mario

    *A d d v e g a n w a t e r*

  • Filip Wojda
    Filip Wojda

    And childrens in Africa are starving

  • n o r a
    n o r a

    I'm sending this to thatveganteacher

  • Nuclear Echo
    Nuclear Echo

    Oh lol I didn't see that was a how to basic I got extremely shocked

    • Nuclear Echo
      Nuclear Echo

      @Aiden Pommee lol

    • Aiden Pommee
      Aiden Pommee

      Ya got jibated

  • Dubstep Steo Dj Layer
    Dubstep Steo Dj Layer


  • Cash Christensen
    Cash Christensen

    You waisted a lot of foods...there so many hungry people in this world..

    • ThinGreenCanadian

      how the fuck would've he fed all of them you fucking idiot

  • EProduct reviews
    EProduct reviews

    next time i should search for How To Make a Vegan Lasagna to make garbage

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    Lilly Rees

    WTF did I just watch 😂

  • Aiman Azly
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    Nori –Chan

    Hold up wait a minute

    • Nori –Chan
      Nori –Chan

      This is not a vegan lasagna

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    • никита гурин
      никита гурин

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    I hope that vegan teacher doesnt watch this video

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    rain drops

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    Filip Wojtala

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    Happy Kid

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    Aquib Abdulla

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    and remember guys this is vegan 0% meat

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      Roblox Comporation

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  • xd landsharkcat
    xd landsharkcat

    i disliked because the sparklers werent vegan

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    Mirza Dewandaru

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    cory vibes

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    Josh Kit

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