How To Fix a Broken TV Screen
Today I show you how to fix any Cracked or Broken TV screen for FREE!
This method works on ALL TV brands. Accidentally broken your TV? Don't worry! It will look good as new in no time - Simply follow the step by step instructions in this video.
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Know someone that has damaged their TV? Show them how to fix it quickly and easily without spending a penny!

  • E Fortune Viciln
    E Fortune Viciln

    have u seen HowToBasic 2?

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    What a waste of my time that I’ll never get back. You should be banned from UZload.

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    F Ffff

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  • RaffiBlox Gaming
    RaffiBlox Gaming

    This is clearly. The polar opposite of fixing TV. Also Have fun cleaning that up lol. And uh why does he have a gun. And at the end he just edited it. Also heres how to not smash your TV: 1.Do Not Play Sports That Include Balls Around It. 2.If The TV screen is buffering, don't even try to smash it with a thor hamer

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    Saulo Arrifano

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    Leslie Magosvongwe

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    Jason B

    I’m mad at this.... but I fkn love it! Thank you for your help!! Best Buy here I come!!!

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    Karol Petr

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    John David Vito

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  • John David Vito
    John David Vito

    Don't remove the screws on back of the tv

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    Hadi Hakim

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    Papyrus The Skeleton

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    simple. get a new damn tv.

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    Next: How To Break A Fixed TV Screen.

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    How to fix a broken tv screen Google: get a new screen and replace the old one Bing:

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    1:47 Howtobasic: On Windows XP Windows xp:. Welcome to Windows Xp Howtobasic: drop Remote controller on Tv/Sandwich And Likes Windows Xp: Turning off Windows Xp...

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    Bionic FanLMAO

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