How To Make a Giant Candy Cane
Today I show you how to make a giant candy cane. This recipe is perfect for Christmas! Your loves ones won't believe their eyes as you show them the massive candy cane that you made! It's incredibly easy to make - simply follow the step by step instructions! Merry Christmas!
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  • HowToBasic

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      Not December Fuck

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      @Harley 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ report harley

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      Leonardo Gutierrez

      2021 si

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      IceBeChxllxnq :D

      @Harley xD

  • Pepe The dogz
    Pepe The dogz

    When I watch his videos I wonder how Much does he need to clean up

  • diehardvn1

    Did u waste all of ur ingredients for nothing what a stupid noob

  • Snowed Whisper
    Snowed Whisper

    Candy canes! Candy canes! Lick them in a spear and kill your enemies!

  • How to make Egg
    How to make Egg


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    Gemma Kai

    He could actually be good at making food if he didn't throw eggs or destroy everything with food.

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    beiye jin

    In my country woolworths is called countdown

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    kitty play

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    This is... dark

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    Daily Memes

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    Jan Rylan Castro

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  • saint 2345
    saint 2345

    I’m searching a recipe for a candy cane. Then I see this video and I download it. But then, I see the name of UZload channel...... Yes.... it’s HOWTOBESICS oh no........

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    3:05 looks like a crime scene

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    Logan Link

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    Ariel Paquinol

    This is for the bigginers only

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    demir baykul

    He added so much sugar its un healthy

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    Mehdi da boss

    Santa would like to know your location

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  • How to make Egg
    How to make Egg


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    S-a-i-d said ESSALMI

    Cande and it's gon greit🍭🍭🍭

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    This video ruins my Christmas experience

  • Peter N
    Peter N

    1:40 is we’re he starts making a mess🤣

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    lucia vera

    3 things you will NEVER do in christmas : 1 : say anything bad to this yt 2 : say something good of santa claus (he will kill ya') 3 : do disasters on you kitchen

  • Никифор Рогулин
    Никифор Рогулин


  • Jaz

    A Friend said to watch this it the best cooking ever and he said the best part was 2 43 because they showed perfection me going there barbie be getting smashed by a hand XD

  • matty bear
    matty bear

    For some reason I thought it was gonna say After your done with the brown sugar Order a giant candy cane from wish which is the sponsor for todays video

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    Leonard's World

    He must have ants

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    Fabrizzio Chavez

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    Rifat Jit

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    Nikola Intxausti Ostiz

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    Heaven Gate

  • Robert Hernandez
    Robert Hernandez

    store person:i thought you were gonna buy eggs HTB:ima try to make to much candy cane

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    Amane Kassim

    How do he got to SafeWay? Look at 2:04

  • Issac Daniel Gaming
    Issac Daniel Gaming

    wasting food

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    Ibrahim K

    I was waiting for eggs

  • Yahsky Esquillo
    Yahsky Esquillo

    i thought it would actually be a tutorial on how to make a giant candy cane but i remembered howtobasic was making it


    R.I.P sugar patients

  • Isabell Kujo
    Isabell Kujo

    thats creative

  • Can't Decide
    Can't Decide

    This made me cry considering how good the decorating was at the beginning knowing he is going to destroy it 👁👄👁 Edit: This was the most painful thing to watch

  • Sophie Udeh-Philip
    Sophie Udeh-Philip

    there always has to be a barbie doll, without fail it WILL be there, somewhere

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    Eva Sawyer

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    kevin n

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    Ananya Ananya

    Number one food waster!!!

    • Ananya Ananya
      Ananya Ananya

      @cherry gorl excuse me i am not jealous... even i have a lot of things. I will not waste like this by doing nonsense things. Instead I will donate it for poor people who fill there stomach happily and thank us. Don't try to be smart. Mind ur own business!!!

    • cherry gorl
      cherry gorl

      Ur just jealous that you didn't come up with this

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    random ytps

    (Htb goes to the store) Cashier:sir your not wearing any pan.. He robs the store

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    Ale The Travel

    Im muslim

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      louie mendoza

      Ok? Nobody needs to really know that.

  • Fraser Neilson
    Fraser Neilson

    bro he didnt show us the ingredients for the bowl

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    Alysha Fitzsimmons

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  • Robloxian pro
    Robloxian pro

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    Monika Szyszkowska

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    Shruthi Senthilraj

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    IceBeChxllxnq :D

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    Fabi loves you

    In Germany we call that: Lebensmittelverschwendung

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      louie mendoza

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    The Vintage Vine Art Room

    Such a waste!! Why doesn’t anyone learn!!!

    • The Vintage Vine Art Room
      The Vintage Vine Art Room

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    • louie mendoza
      louie mendoza

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    Gunnar Retarderad

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    Jdjd Jdjdgjj


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    Pricilla Barwick

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    Porque vocês sempre quando vai destruir uma coisa você faz uma metralhadora de ovos ovos cara você quer você compra para quebrar isso não faz sentido Nossa eu até durmo você falando com essa cozinha é mais um cozinhando com Supremo super loucos aí foi mal tá

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    Mark Alex

    I wonder what Santa thought of him

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    Ice tyce *ice knight*

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