How To Make a Hair Lasagna
Today I show you how to make a traditional Lasagna. This is an authentic Lasagna recipe that has been perfected over many generations. You'll absolutely love the delicious taste. It's incredibly easy to make - anyone can do it! Enjoy.
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    • Austin Cassidy
      Austin Cassidy


    • Austin Cassidy
      Austin Cassidy



      Man why do you waste this much food


      U must really love eggs

    • NiceUser123

      Where were your eggs?

  • Athira Saji
    Athira Saji

    You are a brilliant chief 😣😣

  • mia

    왜 이런걸 만드는거지...

  • Ari Simanjuntak
    Ari Simanjuntak


  • samo sanndo
    samo sanndo

    Use me as a 'I was here before 100k likes'

  • Fire eyes Gamer
    Fire eyes Gamer

    Ok good recipe. Actually if you dont add the hair then It's the best lasagna in world

  • CҩҭDайgҽг

    BasicToHowHowToBasic but howtobasic why u have a reversed howtobasic channel?

  • yoshikage kira
    yoshikage kira

    I didn't know what I expected from hair lasagna

  • How to make Egg
    How to make Egg

    3:01 3:03

  • How to make Egg
    How to make Egg


  • Џан Слио
    Џан Слио

    Lasagna is my favorite food 💙💙👍but lasagna with her is fuy

  • Zakra Shiki
    Zakra Shiki

    I think thats floating lasange?

  • Tyrese Beckford
    Tyrese Beckford

    3:00 3:01

  • Clint Patrick G Camacho
    Clint Patrick G Camacho


  • 《LilaDøesn'tsleep》

    All Might and Deku in a nutshell

  • Jimena Avalo
    Jimena Avalo

    Gracias por la receta, a toda mi familia les gustó 😋

  • Sebastian Day
    Sebastian Day

    I think he forgot one ingredient the last ingredient is PAIN

  • Your Rage
    Your Rage

    I still have one question: why?

  • Josuke Higashikata
    Josuke Higashikata

    That title reassured my concern

  • James

    Ummmmm looks really good

  • bitauto robloxian
    bitauto robloxian

    That was deli- *jumpscare and got eaten alive*

  • Bobby Ledda
    Bobby Ledda

    dude my mom wanted to make this but you did some weird stuff to it :(


    Ich hate so ein Herz anfal so lustig bro

  • vasilis georgiou
    vasilis georgiou

    Noone gonna comment on the fact that there's no egg?

  • michael afton
    michael afton

    Her friend:RAGEQUITE

  • Lahang Kerung
    Lahang Kerung


  • N8M8 Savacool
    N8M8 Savacool

    Lol first of all, where and how did you get hair.... SECOND OF ALL, how the hell do you get people to agree to this stuff XD

  • Phants

    Just dont use hair and you get legit lasagna, HTB is actually good

  • MarioTheKid 2
    MarioTheKid 2

    my moms food be like

  • measffymon-Sarah

    LOL! :D 3:02

  • Mehdi da boss
    Mehdi da boss

    Yay no eggs were raped

  • Faith Sibanda
    Faith Sibanda


  • SharkBoiChomp :D
    SharkBoiChomp :D

    A hair lasagna cannot be made without hair. *-SharkBoiChomp* *:D*

  • Kamil'in Dünyası
    Kamil'in Dünyası

    Everything was going awesome... 1:38 What??

  • BrotherIQ

    All good until he put the hair lol



  • yan lam yan lam
    yan lam yan lam

    are you crazy 😂

  • supergamer patata
    supergamer patata

    Ma vaff

  • GreenGatorFrank

    Goes to show he's a real one he let his friend cut off his hair

  • ScienceSparrow

    Remove the hair and you've got yourself an actual recipe.

    • Jay Martinez
      Jay Martinez

      *the hair actually adds a nice touch but now im bald*

  • Keith Moon
    Keith Moon

    The ending is so funny even though it's short, also the last few frames of the video is an extreme closeup of the guy's tongue

  • Никифор Рогулин
    Никифор Рогулин


  • Oke Lah
    Oke Lah

    Bit*h lasagna

  • BFXvenom

    Omg I feel so bad for the guy who’s hair had to be cut. Would you cut all your hair for a video?

    • Jay Martinez
      Jay Martinez

      I mean he makes like 10 thousand dollars or more om every video

  • Kim Kizzer Macalam
    Kim Kizzer Macalam

    If you want to make lasagna then just follow this steps without the hair

  • Mr Banana
    Mr Banana

    i feel bad for the guy who lost his hair

  • Denster the 1st Kid
    Denster the 1st Kid


  • Hey boy
    Hey boy

    I liked the part where he puts real hair just because its called hair pasta

  • Some random ass night sky
    Some random ass night sky

    Imagine garfield looking at this

  • Devos Rock
    Devos Rock

    We will call the FBI if you do not STOP NOW.

    • Jay Martinez
      Jay Martinez

      He has like infinite eggs the fbi will be covered in too much eggs

  • Ij ll
    Ij ll

    Jeffabel is legend

  • Agent Ranpo
    Agent Ranpo

    gross and weird but the ending was nice

  • Zaldatil zaldatill
    Zaldatil zaldatill

    realy good it was a bit hary tgo

  • chelutka

    2:11: howtobasic: Your fancy dinner is over!

  • Putu Arvian
    Putu Arvian

    *FUCK U*

    • ohh gon
      ohh gon


  • Grug The caveman
    Grug The caveman

    0:00 Garfield would love this! 1:36 I don’t think Garfield would love this

  • Aung Pyae
    Aung Pyae

    you veido is all fake

    • Jay Martinez
      Jay Martinez

      The video is called **hair** lasagna and there you have it **hair** lasagna

    • Mr teaV
      Mr teaV


  • Human

    It work if no hair

  • enuj 2ylax
    enuj 2ylax

    2:12 ck!!

  • Tyna Bispo
    Tyna Bispo

    Que desperdício de comida, tanta gente passando fome.

  • Anew day Tilatham
    Anew day Tilatham

    Garfiled: 3:02

  • Nîçœ

    Mmmm. (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) perfect

  • cabaña gamer
    cabaña gamer

    Hey, are you idiot? Do you know how much that little animal suffered so you can waste it like that? What a disgusting person, you get angry just seeing you, and of course you have many subscribers because people only like nonsense, and maybe you will never change because people who are stupid never change, but really one day watch videos of slaughterhouses so you can see how much the animals suffer everything so that stupid people waste them, but hey we will never stop being imbecile apes

    • Jay Martinez
      Jay Martinez

      And being vegan is no better plants suffer too

  • I'm a Vegan
    I'm a Vegan

    I'm a Vegan!

  • Ronald Gall
    Ronald Gall

    No provolone or ricotta? I'll take my view elsewhere

  • Himesh Sharma
    Himesh Sharma

    This guy is legen wait for it unless you are lactose intolerant because the next word is dary

  • Ravioli ravioli gimme the formuoli
    Ravioli ravioli gimme the formuoli

    I see some confused peeps as too how this is nostalgic, allow me to explain Have you ever heard of a "filthyfrank" if so then you should know if not then search up hair cake And try not to puke when they ACTUALLY FUCKING EAT IT

  • Songer Kids
    Songer Kids

    *do not feed this to garfield*

  • Soto FP
    Soto FP

    We don't need hair

  • ishan singh
    ishan singh


  • ishan singh
    ishan singh


  • shayan python
    shayan python

    Euw 😦😫

  • Just a random Soviet officer with good Internet
    Just a random Soviet officer with good Internet

    Is anyone caring about the fact that he is using goat hair


    He should make bitch lasagna

  • Giovanni Datteo
    Giovanni Datteo

    I was italian, i die inside

  • FieryWolf

    I will forever be scarred for life

  • EagleUniverse

    ew, hairy pasta! I'll take 9 please

  • Yinong Qiu
    Yinong Qiu

    I’m the only person here without 100 likes on this comment

  • Iftekhairul Islam
    Iftekhairul Islam

    HowToBasic and hair... =ftvywexucb4wgi2 bi5gug4

  • Parrots Life
    Parrots Life

    All jokes aside and the "Hair" aside I tried making the rest of the recipe... It's really good not gonna lie I only made right before the hair part. It's realllyyyyy good-

  • Facts and Reason
    Facts and Reason

    Why is it funnier knowing this guy is Australian?

  • TnT Legend
    TnT Legend


  • Sebastian Ferrazzano
    Sebastian Ferrazzano

    It oooks so good fr tho

  • Ce’Nel Guthrie
    Ce’Nel Guthrie

    10 months ago: 2019 4 months ago: 2020-present

  • Ludwig Delmo
    Ludwig Delmo

    Lasagna with hair you get from the bathroom?

  • Chastity Landry
    Chastity Landry

    Bro u cutted the mans hair an u just think that’s ok r u stupid

    • Jay Martinez
      Jay Martinez

      You know he probably got permission from him

  • Rocket Gaming
    Rocket Gaming

    It looks yummy...but the hair..............

  • Sam_ yak
    Sam_ yak

    Why wasting food???

  • istoleyour grandma
    istoleyour grandma

    bruh your so gross

  • R SH
    R SH

    I make it without hair and its nice

  • Diego Madrid
    Diego Madrid


  • Shubhransh Singh
    Shubhransh Singh

    I feel like I have seen something similar before *Wait-*

  • Blox Craft
    Blox Craft


  • Lux

    what the heck?

  • [Ow0]


  • Mahin billah
    Mahin billah

    Funny but disgusted

  • Capitan Price
    Capitan Price

    Is so delicious

  • Dax the ytpEr 2021 / Sam craft rocks
    Dax the ytpEr 2021 / Sam craft rocks


  • j ip
    j ip

    I know u can cook but, U RUIN IIIIITTTT WHYY

  • Nguyen MinhTu
    Nguyen MinhTu

    Howtobasic make video about How to Make a Rice Lasgna please!