How To Make a Hawaiian Pizza
Today I show you how to make a delicious homemade Hawaiian pizza. This pizza not only tastes delicious - it's healthy too! Not an expert in the kitchen? No problem! Simply follow the step by step instructions to craft the most delicious and authentic pizza you will ever taste. Enjoy!
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  • HowToBasic

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      furious bonusts

      Eggbook is Facebook

    • Marcelino Saverio Dinata
      Marcelino Saverio Dinata

      You are bad

    • Anthony toontastic fan 2021
      Anthony toontastic fan 2021

      IDK how to make pizza

    • chipp

      500th reply

    • un commentatore che commenta
      un commentatore che commenta

      I'm italiano i'm disgustose pineapple and pizza don't have ti be out together

  • sans

    This helped me so much thanks!

  • macacio08

    that's either a concrete wall, or some tough ass drywall, or wood

  • octaviana malita
    octaviana malita

    😀😀😀 i watched It seriously then what the hell is thatt 😂😂😂

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    ꧁ Jupiter AUTTP ツ ꧂

    Staring: How To Make A Hawaiian Pizza Ending: how to mke a Hawian Pizza

  • 나를 감싸네화려한 루피가
    나를 감싸네화려한 루피가

    이하상게 한인국들은 이긁수가 익거든요

  • Richard the Creeper
    Richard the Creeper

    Lol, hes italian because italians hate pineapple pizza xD

  • Spyros Giantsoulis
    Spyros Giantsoulis

    I feel ashamed for my nationality

  • trash

    can we atleast respegg that howtobasic stompt on a pinapple and bled his foot just for us?



  • Spirit Creeper 40
    Spirit Creeper 40

    1:44 dogs getting their shot at the vet


    1:53 to 2:10 hmmmmmm oh is Pineapple pizza

  • TimePass

    you wasted those eggs and then so many pineapples ('_')/ ... Want to be creative? Do not destroy the food, create new concepts to showcase your message. huh !!!

  • FlimsyOlpho Lost
    FlimsyOlpho Lost

    How to make a pineapple pizza

  • cartoon&Games

    Who come from teen titans episode 🙃

  • Aya Oker
    Aya Oker

    HowToBasics : looks like im all outta eggs,time to use pineapples

  • L.D. Mcmullin
    L.D. Mcmullin

    Wow that was a waste of good fruit

  • Caleb Intro?
    Caleb Intro?

    yes ... Read More

  • Piggy SwirlC
    Piggy SwirlC

    i fed up with all this mess

  • Maxille Suazo YT
    Maxille Suazo YT

    0:45 why? Pinneapple is delicious

  • DarkSide360

    When you found out 2018 is now considered nostalgia (2018 was 3 years ago)

  • Yuka Koyachi
    Yuka Koyachi

    Stop in 35.;*79ⁿⁿ0ⁿ$

  • SushXmit

    Pineapple is the god of eggs Kinda

  • Armando R
    Armando R

    Man why you do him like that

  • Saida Fourati
    Saida Fourati

    0:26 when your hot pocket is ready and they throw you a pineapple

  • Giusy Revenge
    Giusy Revenge

    Pineapple: *uses bite* It's super effective, your HowToBasic is poisoned

  • DestinysStorm

    Crazy people. They don't respect foods.

  • Saida Fourati
    Saida Fourati

    My mom think this is a tutorial to fix a laptop

  • Saida Fourati
    Saida Fourati

  • Zawiła Kacper
    Zawiła Kacper

    Your worst video

  • Damien Ronda
    Damien Ronda

    Fun fact. Pineapples take 2 years to grow.

  • Taufiq Hidayat
    Taufiq Hidayat

    I genuinely searched for pineapple pizza and this video came on top so I clicked it. After few seconds through somehow "different" style of cooking video I read the channel's name and then greeted by pinneaply slapping exactly after that

  • Просто Обзорич
    Просто Обзорич


  • Mcwellington Harris
    Mcwellington Harris

    you dont put pineapple on a fokin pizza

  • Dominique luke
    Dominique luke

    You could see he was actually trying to make the pizza normally

  • Nick DelGiorno
    Nick DelGiorno

    Instructions unclear. Who would even make the unholy creation

  • 10 tramvaják
    10 tramvaják

    I feel bad for those people who thought this was a real cooking video =)

  • scientist craft
    scientist craft

    Almost normal,just remove all pinnaple

  • Srilalitha Mallar
    Srilalitha Mallar

    Y u waste food like that

  • Lyan Packwood
    Lyan Packwood

    Oh it's just hawian pizza

  • Aayush Rathod
    Aayush Rathod

    I’m guessing he doesn’t like pineapple on pizza

  • payel Mukherjee
    payel Mukherjee

    1:45 I think a wolf 🐺 is howling

  • 1107Biprasth Ansh
    1107Biprasth Ansh

    Guys this is how triplo max died RIP

  • How to make Egg
    How to make Egg


  • Dird its
    Dird its

    Don’t you ever put pineapple in a f₽&&&€n pizza! - Gordon Ramsay

  • SharkBoiChomp :D
    SharkBoiChomp :D

    how to make pInEaPpLe PiZzA


    I am from hawaiian and thats how we make pizzas

  • Lex Ian Caronongan
    Lex Ian Caronongan

    The music made me laugh

  • Azim Azim
    Azim Azim

    How to make Hawaiian pizza : no How to destroy pineapple : yes

  • cintia G D
    cintia G D

    1:29 Rest peacefully, unfinished pizza.

  • Kinnybo Tom
    Kinnybo Tom


  • Anis Rahal
    Anis Rahal

    What is wrong with u

  • Saida Fourati
    Saida Fourati


  • Никифор Рогулин
    Никифор Рогулин


  • Omega Flowey
    Omega Flowey


  • Seupa Donald
    Seupa Donald

    Don't do this in Italy. It's a major offence


    How does that not hurt

  • *

    On 2:08 if you watch video at FPS 60 and watch at 0.25 speed, look down at the left corner of the screen, you will see a code about face reveal, am not I'm not sure but on end face reveal video, i see a code too.... so mysterious....

  • Lamar Bowman
    Lamar Bowman

    Fucking waste

  • el mundo de sant XD
    el mundo de sant XD

    fue picado por bob esponja 18

  • Man

    I remember when I was 11-13y, I made a unfunny cringy comment saying: "Me: 0:26. HTB: What are you doing??? D:< Me: Hawaii pizza ;D HTB: -_-"

  • Arianna Abby
    Arianna Abby

    Omg how much money did you waste on pineapples?

  • CopperPower

    I love when he cries

  • MilkMasterGaming

    If you don't like pineapple pizza, maybe you're 0.69% Italian

  • Amanda Austin
    Amanda Austin

    Sounds like a dream to me.

  • Nicholas Revuelta
    Nicholas Revuelta

    Slow it down at two minutes it shows a word but it’s hard to read

  • Chandler Kirkman
    Chandler Kirkman

    40 year old moms on pintrest 0:42

  • HiHi Rhythm PuppyGloomy
    HiHi Rhythm PuppyGloomy

    Pineapple is not an apple

  • Dathi O'Dowd
    Dathi O'Dowd

    I swear he passes out in like 90% of his videos

  • BloxyzLife

    Pineapple pizza is good you guys But I prefer the pineapple to be placed on the pizza last

  • Kenneth Fang
    Kenneth Fang

    This is why spongebob was homeless and couldn't find another home for a while

  • Balakumar Balakuar
    Balakumar Balakuar

    He actually showed us how to make a pinapple pie

  • Anatane Oliveira Marcelino
    Anatane Oliveira Marcelino

    Cartoon cat cake

  • Bakugo UnU
    Bakugo UnU

    Now this song is scary-

  • Liam James Studios
    Liam James Studios


  • Qwerty Qwerty
    Qwerty Qwerty

    1:44 wtf

  • MissLady26

    This is disgusting! To take pineapple on pizza!

  • Swati Tanalkar
    Swati Tanalkar

    I read many more comments but there was not a single comment on WASTAGE of food..if u guys find it funny u r mistaking..we r taught not to waste food and here we r taught how to waste food..this channel should be stopped and I was really disappointed when I saw 2.5 lakh likes on this WASTAGE video..and while why people dont see educational videos..I feel it's really wrong and disrespectful for the food and the farmers that r working hard day and night..shame on you *HOW TO BASIC TEAM* And I didnt searched this video on UZload it was sent by my friend saying it's too funny.. *BUT I DIDN'T FOUND IT FUNNY AT ALL*

    • yalitionaus_ remedy_official
      yalitionaus_ remedy_official

      *fuck off, karen.* 🖕

    • Project Solitude
      Project Solitude

      No one gives a shit about your opinion so you can carry on with your life

  • MeAt On ThE bOnE
    MeAt On ThE bOnE

    As an italian i feel: Sad Angry Confused Offended And relaxed Kinda

  • Dawei Mou
    Dawei Mou

    oh yeah eggs i love eggs

  • Game On The Fire
    Game On The Fire

  • SuperDragonFeodor 263
    SuperDragonFeodor 263

    0:26 Smash Pineapple

  • Slav decepticon
    Slav decepticon

    No pineapple on my pizza hell no

  • josiah stoney
    josiah stoney

    are you saying pineapple doesn't belong on pizza?

  • The Green Bonnie 100
    The Green Bonnie 100

    What song is it

  • Arcticcon

    Did he just punch spiky Pineapple Skin with a Bare Fist and Bare Foot ?

  • Hao Chuang Fabrizio Yang
    Hao Chuang Fabrizio Yang

    At least this guy said not to put pineapple on pizzas

  • Svajunas Krivickas
    Svajunas Krivickas

    Wow he made a real pineapple pizza

  • M4NGL3D 1212
    M4NGL3D 1212

    im glad he feels the same way

  • μάξιμος μαρκάκης
    μάξιμος μαρκάκης

    I need to download the music

  • Oguz Uguz
    Oguz Uguz

    How make pizza Hawaii Step 1 bread pizza Step 2 tomato paste Step 3 ham Step 4 cheese Step 5 T H I C C P I N E A P P L E

  • Paulo Gameplays Production
    Paulo Gameplays Production

    Gago Ka

    • Paulo Gameplays Production
      Paulo Gameplays Production

      @yalitionaus_ remedy_official Fuck You Ka

    • yalitionaus_ remedy_official
      yalitionaus_ remedy_official

      putang ina mo e


    Only intelligent people understand his comedy

  • Oreiller

    “Pineapple paste” e-excuse me wHAT

  • Hao Chuang Fabrizio Yang
    Hao Chuang Fabrizio Yang

    Ma che cazzo è questa merda

  • Kostrek o robloxie
    Kostrek o robloxie

    no one gonna say he ora ora'd the pineapples

  • Kubixon

    How much money you spend for this destruction without sense?

  • ButDoge

    Why did you do this to me and my beautiful country ITALY!

  • hui

    wtf I did not expect this... xd

  • Kosmo Kwok
    Kosmo Kwok

    1:14 Gordon Ramsay will be proud of you for destroying the pineapples -0:13 Gordon Ramsay will kill you when he watch that video

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