How To Make Ramen
Today I show you how to make authentic Japanese ramen. You won't believe it's homemade! You'll love this delicious homemade ramen. This is the exact same ramen recipe that is used on a daily basis by chefs all throughout Japan. Never made ramen before? Don't worry! Simply follow the step by step instructions. It's quick & easy! Will probably take you longer to clean up.
There are a few different types of ramen. The most popular ones are; Shio ramen, Shoyu ramen, Miso ramen & Tonkotsu ramen. This recipe video can be used to make all of these - Simply substitute some of the ingredients to your desired ramen.
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      Abigail D Vincent

      That's a lot of ramen

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      Ivan the smash

      Tell me you dont waste all of this food

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    Very sad to see him wasting food.


    Who will put spaghetti in his trash can that is so disgusting



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    The Royale Club

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    Caner Gangs

    The food would taste so yummy if he wouldn destroy it

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    mâÿłįá łęâl

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    Hasnizam Hamzah

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    gaming Indonesia

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    Robby Thomas

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  • Jessica Chen
    Jessica Chen

    My mom bake Ramen noodle

  • Jessica Chen
    Jessica Chen

    My mom bake Ramen noodle

  • The Quieter One
    The Quieter One

    That was one small Asian country's entire annual GDP right there

  • The Quieter One
    The Quieter One

    Honestly man... I think he has wasted so much food that I am starting to believe somewhere in an African nation he is the sole reason for the entire nation's poverty and is the most hated man there..

  • Sakura Girl
    Sakura Girl

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  • Olubusayo Moronfolu
    Olubusayo Moronfolu

    I really want to use this recipe because it looked legit but now I cant even decide

  • Olubusayo Moronfolu
    Olubusayo Moronfolu


  • Olubusayo Moronfolu
    Olubusayo Moronfolu

    This is the first video I checked and it looks amazing I love it also can a different type of meet like beef be used instead

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    samuel Antonio Alcala Pita

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    HASH Š

    the music is so annoying

  • mayonnaise

    there are three types of people watching this: 1. people who just want to want great food. 2. people came here to get a cooking lesson. 3. *and people who came here from seeing japanese food from anime*

  • drkRoss

    From 8:00 - When an asshole customer wants extra noodles to go with their ramen....

  • Aldinson Esto
    Aldinson Esto

    where can we get that fine noodles? what's the brand or name?


    I mean he didn't mess it up completely this time

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    Tanya johnson

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    popmonkey123 LOL

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    Recipe: Japanese Music: Chinese Howtobasic: English(?) Hotel: Trivago

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    Rhennier Tendencia

    Children are starving in Africa.

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    Saranya Mathi

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  • The Warrior Lord
    The Warrior Lord

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  • Savi Sanchez
    Savi Sanchez

    This is a non-phyco video on this channel and it makes me feel uncomfortable with this normalness and now I feel uncomplet with no chaos (the end did complete me and I love it)

  • Sadab Sadman Haque Priom
    Sadab Sadman Haque Priom

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    Maddy B

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    Evan Santos

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    El Penguino

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    • Rhennier Tendencia
      Rhennier Tendencia

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    Samsung Android

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    Roman Milne

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    David Edwards

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    Michelle Couffon

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    Josue Teyssier

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      Aylin Allahverdiyeva

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