How To Make Bubble Tea
Today I show you how to make authentic homemade bubble tea. This bubble tea recipe is delicious! Bubble tea is a drink that originated in Taiwan, it goes by boba tea, pearl tea, tapioca tea and milk tea. It's incredibly delicious and easy to make. Simply follow the step by step instructions. Enjoy!
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  • Sakura Girl
    Sakura Girl

    This might ruin my favorite drink forever

  • Mad Harambe
    Mad Harambe

    Decent tutorial, I was able to make mine and it turns out great. Eccellente drink/10, would recommend to friends.

  • Giselle R
    Giselle R

    food waste...its better if you give those eggs to the people that cant eat out there...

  • Just A Person
    Just A Person

    Moment of silence for the people who thought this would actually be a tutorial

  • Fat gods
    Fat gods

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    Zayne Sharif

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    I hate snakue

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  • Emma Seddon
    Emma Seddon


  • Vanshika Gupta
    Vanshika Gupta

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    totalfrenchoriginal gould

    Who else searched how to make boba tea and didn't knew it was this

  • reeceeooo

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    Daniel Johnson

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    Baishali Chatterjee

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    lali fan

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  • eat poop idiot
    eat poop idiot

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    Pancake Doggo

    I didn’t even realize this was how to basic- I legit thought this was a tutorial video LMAO

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    ash M

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  • blinkxxpink

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  • Mr Cookie
    Mr Cookie

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    Diamond Armor

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    cүяυs ρн

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    Arthur gameplays100

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    needslife 12

    I think he’s lactose intolerant; he hates eggs and milk


    i hate you

  • Queen Panda
    Queen Panda

    but what do you do

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    i forgot this was howtobasic

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    Moral of the story: pay attention to who posted the video 🤣

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    Olivia R.

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    Nightmare Longinus

    The song?

  • Green no.2 H
    Green no.2 H

    0:53 Read the Chinese


    Nice logic... SOAP bubble tea


    Best moment of this video... 3:01


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    Kawai Lejends

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    Em Dumbag

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    Giovana Tan

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    leo ASMR

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    Bakehouse Văn

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    It’s called Boba 😀

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    Laura Johnson

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  • Jvstxzia

    Me over here thinking it's a recipe:

  • Gurcharan Singh
    Gurcharan Singh

    My sister didn’t know this was a how to basic video and used the recipe and it was actually good

  • Natalie Park
    Natalie Park

    When you don't have the important ingredient : 👁️👄👁️

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    Kayla Stickel


  • Experience

    I wonder if i can the advertising alt on my comment

  • Sanjana m
    Sanjana m

    i saw the thumbnail and clicked this wanting a good recipe. then i read the channel name and realized 😭😭

  • Anushka • 4 years ago
    Anushka • 4 years ago

    Why did I came here

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    Aronjeremy40 YT

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    Roy Lim

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    Anna Vu

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    Douglas Kwok

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    • Douglas Kwok
      Douglas Kwok

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  • 你的美好時光


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    • Anpanmeow


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    Catastrophic PARADOXXX

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    Libra Vulpes

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