How To Make Mashed Potatoes
Today I show you how to make the best homemade mashed potato. Mashed potatoes are incredibly delicious! This recipe will show you how to make restaurant quality mash in the comfort of your own home. Simple follow the step by step instructions and you'll produce the best mash you have ever tasted. This is the same recipe that top chefs such as Gordon Ramsay use in their 5 star restaurants. Enjoy!
Sour cream
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    0:00-1:18 ? 1:19-2:47 ah ok he is not sick

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    Ichiko Sakura

    Lots of p-potatos... were harmed... -breaks down into tears- why did he kill them!!! ;-;

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    Creeper Snowguy

    I wish there was a how to basic video called “how to end my life”

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    I am the Potato Genie. I can grant you 3 wishes. HowToBasic: *Egg* Me: Wait he can speak?!

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    at first, it looks normal- music, cooking style, shots of the food then... it comes egg

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    Excuse me, what is this?! I was trying to cook some mashed potatos for my family and then I see this?! I am placing a dislike on this video. Is what somebody out there is saying

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    Yaya Hihi

    After I hear the - mashed - potato, I already something is going to be mashy


    Me at the starting:I'm going to try to make this this is their first legit video omg. The middle of the video: places mash potato in sock sais put on the sock and squeeze the excess potato from the sock ME be like:wtf

  • E H
    E H

    He is actually a good chef but he has recipes too good to be on UZload and he gets mad if the main part of the recipe almost gets shown so he cuts the video goes to the chicken slaughter house and get most amount of eggs for 3 dollars and comes back and boom! Best breakfast!

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    Is so cute like mostert

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    Wolfie UwU

    how to basic new viewers: expectation: 0:00 - 1:16 REALITY: 1:17

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    Fahad Nikzad

    Thats a waste of soo much food :/

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    Now I know why he wishes eggs

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  • How to make Egg
    How to make Egg


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    My mom Saw this video and she thinks is a real tutorial but its not And ho is talking right now is her son

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    NyamNyamka Official

    I have a question: Did i need a clean sock or a sock?

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    Who the duck likes their mash potatoes watery? I like mine thicc

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    I am the potato genie I am here to grant you 3 wishes Egg What are your other 2 wishes Egg You have 1 more wish Egg Understandable, have a good day

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    Smashed Potatoes

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    Do you ever get tired? Of being so useless?

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      He cured my depression so he ain't useless, you are.

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    Mash potatoes should be called trash potatoes😀

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    1:19 yuck

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    Thought it was legit till 1:19

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    1:54 music? Asking for a friend (:

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    Mashiho: I’m going to faint


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    Me:*sees thumb and title* Me: oh no

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    this is the best comedy ive ever seen

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    bitauto robloxian

    1:37 WTF?

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  • Hawarizmi

    Imagine this is the real way to make mash potatoes and this is what u eat at restaurants

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    Me:clicks vid Also me: sees who made it *OH YES BABY*

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    Right Hand Man

    Me:What The Bacon Is This HowToBacie: No Me:Yes U Are impostor Is U

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    I just skin and boil, then mash

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    dn m erxete kalo onoma

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    Imagine someone genuinely wanting to learn how to make mashed potatoes and came to this channel, but what they got instead was a recipe for a potato puree.

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    Throwing a lot of potatoes in the room Spawns Potato genie and he says egg

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    mmmmmmmm just like grandma used to make :D

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    Mashed Potatoes? I prefer Smashed Potatoes.

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    This dude is the mixture of doing a lot perfect mess, being gross, and making stuff look gross

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    He loves the egg XD

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    I thought the next step was to mash

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    MasterChef Indonesia X HOWTO Basic

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    I will give 15/10

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    cromboblun banana

    no but seriously I made these mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving. We didn't have any leftovers, at least mashed potato related leftover. I'm dead serious, the actual potato recipe is not bad at all

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