How To Fix a Water Damaged Laptop
Today I show you how to fix a water damaged laptop. Accidentally spilled some liquid onto your laptop? Has it stopped working? Don't worry - I'll show you how to fix it with ease. To prove just how good this method is at fixing liquid damaged laptops I put my own laptop at risk - I fully submerged it in water and I was still able to fix it and return it to perfect working condition.
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  • ꧁ღ_Yao_ღ꧂

    Wtf I watch

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    GD sunshine

    thanks very easy and quick tutorials very helpful now my computer is working

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    Atareta S

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    Bruh Moment

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    It’s just Elysse!

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    Lara -w-

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    Follow the steps till 1:19 the fire is a joke Edit : the steps till 1:19 will work

  • malawalawee

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  • Wing Hei Lam
    Wing Hei Lam

    the EGGS method. all vids be like EGGS FIXES EVERYTHING!!!

  • the tp doctor
    the tp doctor

    plot twist: he fixed the computer, it just died as soon as he opened it so he needed to put it on the charger

  • Wing Hei Lam
    Wing Hei Lam

    me who just watched 10 of these rn: NOICE.

  • Clément Langlois
    Clément Langlois

    Very good tutorial ! I try it but... it not work... it's strange !

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    Cøøki Plays

    The actual title: How to DAMAGE A LAPTOP

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    Dawn Erickson

    Howtobasic: **rages** Me: poor guy...

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    jeffrika williams

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    matheus oliveira #toddyn

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  • Eduardo

    look, it looks like it worked with my laptop, thanks bro

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    Magical Pillowcase

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    Pedro The Hedgehog Sticknodes

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    zhoutian ni

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    les lapin demon cute

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  • Andi Haroon
    Andi Haroon

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    ismagamer890 Garcia

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    Random games Cool games

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    Counter Player

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    Obama official

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    Davos Trends

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    Leah Margine

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    Mackie Mackie101

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    Christian Caffell

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    Ivi YT



    Fix the computer - failed - put water - complete -take out the nails - complete - put rice - complete - turn on pc - failed

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    Lucelio Rodrigues

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    Miqueas Liand Ramirez

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