How To Remove a Carpet Stain
Today I show you how to remove any carpet stain. This stain removal technique will remove ALL stains - no matter how big they are, and no matter what they are. Accidentally spilled some red wine on your white carpet? Don't worry! Follow the step by step instructions and the stain will disappear in seconds!
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    OMG if I did, my parents would kill me Haha

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    Brocken Claws SFS - BCS

    the title should've been *how to make your carpet stained*

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    This is how you do it. The man just straight up said "F you Google, I'll do it myself."

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    Works preety well 👍🏼

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    *•TeddyChan•* Gacha

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    Jesson Budi

    Actually at the last step you must wash your carpet xD

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    Reblex Glatch XF whats up motherRobloxers

    Why do u keep on trowing eggs-

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    Agborechi Bakia

    cleaning a carpet requirements: a new house

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    Instructions clear, carpet is now white again

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    Just buy a new carpet, it’s not that hard

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    Tony Wei

    0:44 This is how I clean mom's carpet

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    i may be ugly but i got mor jam than jimin HA HYLT


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    Soggi Sandwich

    People who are new to this channel will actually think he’s going to somehow fix the rug. And everything else.

  • Smol Shade Mikamoto San!
    Smol Shade Mikamoto San!

    Imagine a person thought this was a real tutorial and then got to 0:44

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    •It's Kitsune •

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    Yousef Arif

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    Russian Communist

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    Katsuki Plays

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    MeN's KitchEN YEAH

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    Minecraft News91

    Hey Honey, What Did You Do With The Carpet?


    I followed all your steps correctly. My father became so happy that he said: THATS A LOT OF DAMAGE!!

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