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  • Fin joestar
    Fin joestar

    bro how much bobux do u even have? XD

  • 민트망고

    Meet the

  • 480iq Emerald
    480iq Emerald

    They cencored fuck cause they dont want u to hear their voice

  • Aryart 14
    Aryart 14

    Corona is nothing in front of this

  • Shaadow Cat
    Shaadow Cat

    I learned so many things after watching this

  • yes and no good music
    yes and no good music

    Wow that's what we to do

  • AloneFoxit

    It's an MacGay

  • Yes!Gamez

    In the started like how he just casually pores water on a MacBook 🤣🤣

  • Dejan Nikolic
    Dejan Nikolic

    I Will do that xd:)

  • Hai Duc Truong
    Hai Duc Truong

    And who is gonna clean this??!

  • albert 4363
    albert 4363

    thank you

  • criminal dream2
    criminal dream2

    there's actually no way you drink ink bruh-

  • Jenny

    so painful Xd

  • Debesh Kumar Mandal
    Debesh Kumar Mandal

    At the mid it was literally looking very tasty😃😃

  • Juninho o muleke malkriado
    Juninho o muleke malkriado

    Why this many dislikes

  • Cristina Carauleanu
    Cristina Carauleanu

    Wait steak is vegan?

  • boile Dream
    boile Dream

    Dream Dream Dream Dream Dream Dream Dream

  • Lee Ze Ming
    Lee Ze Ming

    I think need eggs

  • Jenny

    oh painful

  • Erick Bor Эрик Бородуля
    Erick Bor Эрик Бородуля

    0:55 My homeschooling in Germany

  • Fasyerjoker555

    Did you guys see he has no pants

  • Godmatrix

    My brother is not moving for that past week is that a problem ?

  • •CloudxyFlowxler•

    What the hell! Mean Is not Tutorial.. Ik lol u Crazy..! LOLL

  • Jeraldine Lopez
    Jeraldine Lopez

    I love the way you just smash and break stuff you have. Also one question, why do you have a lot eggs?


    I wish all the students who is having their exam's get 90+

  • Joshiy William
    Joshiy William

    Malayali undooo

  • Gaming Origin
    Gaming Origin

    1:15 burnout of the year

  • Blue Galaxy
    Blue Galaxy

    me looking at the screen: MASTERPIECE

  • Badgi

    poor xbox

  • Night Baby
    Night Baby

    Fantastic ❤💋😍🔥😘

  • stopthatmaplesyrup

    Is this guy leik rich?

  • Prince Ordiz
    Prince Ordiz

    In the start it's normal but in reality he's crazy

  • Kent edward ibanez
    Kent edward ibanez

    And another one 9 video still watching


    Ewww me no gone eat that🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • human greninja but eyes glowing bright red
    human greninja but eyes glowing bright red

    ;-; WOW

  • The Biker a survivor
    The Biker a survivor

    need lasagna for lasagna like yoğurt

  • Daniel Cunanan
    Daniel Cunanan

    I laugh so hard because he puts a fork in the toilet

  • The boi of gaming cubing and more
    The boi of gaming cubing and more

    1:25 😂

  • Pro Gamer
    Pro Gamer

    It breaks them all, there is such a thing as waste


    You just waist hand hell!?!?!?

  • Kerim Seker
    Kerim Seker


  • The boi of gaming cubing and more
    The boi of gaming cubing and more

    Or just buy a new one

  • Nararya Putrafin
    Nararya Putrafin


  • Isaias Flores Zarraga
    Isaias Flores Zarraga

    life hif you want to see the real face of HowToBasic

  • SaiSaiNay

    What the fuck is this entire comment section

  • じゃがいも


  • Adrien Meyer
    Adrien Meyer


  • Rendzay

    People: Melayu are true identity of Indonesia and Malaysia Meanwhile Kalimantan, Sulawesi: *sad noises.*

  • ٰ

    I can’t believe I actually went hungry for a sec

  • Kerim Seker
    Kerim Seker


  • Maudy Gaming
    Maudy Gaming

    This is disturbing

  • Bosok Bosooker
    Bosok Bosooker

    The real random

  • XD James V2
    XD James V2


  • Bosok Bosooker
    Bosok Bosooker

    Top global random

  • Wilson Smith
    Wilson Smith

    just imagin how rich he would be to buy 🖰︎🗏︎🗐︎⌛︎📄︎🗏︎🖰︎🖮︎🗄︎⌛︎🗐︎🗏︎🗄︎⌛︎🗐︎⌛︎🗄︎ houses

  • Kerim Seker
    Kerim Seker


  • Godmatrix

    The director of starwars wants to know ur address

  • almir pestalic
    almir pestalic

    Hol upp

  • 999jory

    Is this illegal

  • Kent edward ibanez
    Kent edward ibanez

    Quarantine be like!? 8 videos straight darn this video I keep watching please help

  • My Mind
    My Mind

    Stop destroying eggs

  • Reef Abdullah
    Reef Abdullah

    بسم الله مين مزعله ذا 😢😲 البيض يبكي في الزاوية🙂

  • Jazz DerSu
    Jazz DerSu

    instructions unclear: i´m still alive

  • julius ph
    julius ph

    Thats not a nice bro

  • Dylan Brandon
    Dylan Brandon

    You guys really hate eggs don't you

  • Sobat ManCap_
    Sobat ManCap_

    Bangsud tod

  • Lex1184 mineblox Gamer player
    Lex1184 mineblox Gamer player

    I wonder how many cash does howtobasic had-

  • Natalia Bedoya
    Natalia Bedoya

    Mom be like: tf is going on-

  • Puppets - intrs
    Puppets - intrs

    Э слыш!

  • 작자


  • DmI_ImD !!!
    DmI_ImD !!!

    Это не как правильно починить это как правильно уничтожить.

  • Sobat ManCap_
    Sobat ManCap_

    Impresip tod

  • My Mind
    My Mind

    Please don't

  • Jon Andre Loria
    Jon Andre Loria

    Boi why did u break the fucking phone

  • Amir Rawnak
    Amir Rawnak

    Dude how long has this dude been doing youtube?

  • Vakil Singh
    Vakil Singh

    Why are you destroying the all computers

  • Takato MSP
    Takato MSP

    Now. I know that to do with my laptop :)

  • oɔsǝɔuɐɹɟ oʇndɐɔ
    oɔsǝɔuɐɹɟ oʇndɐɔ

    Omg thanks 😊🙀

  • Andrezits

    I always like to come back to this video to see the UZloadr montage and point out everyone who has been cancelled since

  • 猪崎勝正